Wendy Adams - Blackmailing Snitch (21 xp)

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Ramun · 378

This deck is my attempt to make Blackmail File work. Yes, I like challenges.

Moonstone and Peter Sylvestre bring you to 6 (to blackmail non-Elite enemies) and 6 (to evade Elite enemies).

Core pieces that synergize with Blackmail File are: Snitch, Fox Mask and Damning Testimony. I like that they are also thematically consistent.

Once setup, a good turn would look like this. You are on a location with an enemy and 4 clues:

The flexibility to get clues from locations of your choice with Damning Testimony and Snitch opens many options depending on the situation:

  • In the previous example, if the location had 3 clues instead of 4, you could switch steps 3 and 4: move first and then use Damning Testimony to grab the last clue from the enemy's location in addition to 1 clue at the new location

Newspaper provides an additional clue when you don't have any, which can result in decent clue burst. I considered replacing this with British Bull Dog, but in the end decided to go all in on clueving and evading enemies. Bring a goon with you for boss killing.

Leaving enemies alive may result in getting swarmed. Lightfooted and Survival Instinct help you escape from multiple enemies.

Finally, I decided to not play Wendy's Amulet (only commit it), however it is possible to include Relic Hunter and hope to get additional uses of Snitch (or play a 2nd copy of Moonstone).


Jun 25, 2024 david6680 · 57

This is a well thought out deck that succeeds in making Blackmail File usable.

However, if this community can only find ways to make a card usable, then that card is really terrible because this community excels at finding ways to combo cards.

This was a good effort but I still have no desire to use Blackmail File.

Jun 26, 2024 Tom├ísAmi · 158

Wendy might be a minor, but she damn know the law better than us!

Amazing deck idea, might give it a try next time I play Wendy.

Jun 28, 2024 Ramun · 378

@TomásAmi Thanks, glad you like it!

@david6680 I fully understand your opinion. I took it as a challenge and a puzzle to solve to build this deck, knowing from the start that it would lack pure efficiency. But it was fun and silly theorycrafting is part of the Arkham experience for me :)