Queen in the Know Room

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MURdos · 39

Disclaimer: This is a deck designed for 2+ investigators. You kind of need someone walking around exploring places to investigate...

... This is the best deck. Credit to Dr. Nickels, PhD for helping. Remember Ursula? Remember being a veritable R A C E C A R? Remember having to spend actions MOVING? Who needs shortcut when you can Delve Too Deep twice for your win condition? Investigators, Friends, Countrywomen, I present to you,

Daisy Walker, Queen of Not Walking Anywhere, Or Moving At All For That Matter.

The deck comes online once you upgrade your seeking answers to in the know. Mulligan hard for your In the Know and Barricades and set up camp. You've got Enraptured and Seeking Answers to renew your In the Know charges. The only caveat with this strategy is to NEVER REMOVE THE LAST CLUE FROM YOUR LOCATION. And to be on a location with a clue on it in the first place.

Interesting strategies include: Gumming up a major intersection with barricade so that your friends can feel at ease when things spawn far away (think enemies from Where Doom Awaits). Just make sure that your friends can get around you so that you don't have to discard barrier!

The strange solutions are to upgrade into Strange Solution in case you need to murder things handily.


Oct 23, 2018 rasmuskold · 1

Very cool deck.

How does barricade(0) work for you? I would assume that you need to upgrade it ASAP to prevent enemies from spawning at your location. Or do you prioritise getting acidic icor and just handle spawning enemies that way? What is your general upgrade path?

Oct 23, 2018 rasmuskold · 1

I guess Scrying helps you avoid baddies as well...

Oct 25, 2018 MURdos · 39

@rasmuskold Exactly right! Barricade(3) is great to get, if you have the experience. If youre somewhere like dunwich where there isnt such a great concentration of potential experience, Disc of Itzamna is also good. Acidic Ichor is fantastic when you have a bunch of experience handy. Something I forgot to mention, (ill update soon, I swear), is that Deduction is very important to upgrade, as your In the Know secrets will eventually dwindle.