Going Christmas Carolyn

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Daisoujou · 3

(Thanks to SpiritReacher, MOTUX, and youperguy in the Mythos Busters discord for helping me with a minor bit of card tweaking)

This is for a Carcosa campaign with either have 3 or 4 players total. One teammate is going to be Roland; I'm not sure about the other(s).

I'm planning to use stand-in "real" signature cards instead of her replacements.

I considered bringing Guard Dog and buying Charisma to play it alongside Peter Sylvestre, but Guard Dog would be a dead card for a little while (strength icon is unlikely to benefit me but I guess I can help someone else with it), and I'm honestly really unsure what to drop from the current iteration.

Forbidden Knowledge can be abused with Peter Sylvestre to generate tons of money. Ward of Protection is just generally great, but also allows me to put more horror on Peter, refunding its own cost. Physical Training is there for a place to dump my resources if I do succeed in generating a lot.

I'll be upgrading first into Ancient Stone to replace with 2 copies of Ancient Stone (abusing Carolyn's interaction with Shrewd Analysis). I likely want First Aid removed for this superior horror healing, though I may want to replace something else first to not go through a scenario without First Aid but with the Ancient Stone un-upgraded.

Keen Eye is another worthwhile investment to give myself something to do with my resources.

Stand Together and Custom Ammunition are two potential upgrades to further feed into the support effect I'm going for. Maybe even a Protective Incantation.


Jan 09, 2019 Mrehjiwurth · 1

This decklist name is 100% perfection.

Jan 09, 2019 Daisoujou · 3

Haha, thank you! I'm glad someone likes it. I can't resist bad wordplay any time I get the chance.

Jan 09, 2019 kgriffin66642 · 1

I agree with the first post. I saw this decklist name and just started laughing. Great name!

Jan 09, 2019 matt88 · 568

@Daisoujou I think this deck can use a couple of Shrivellings. Later on you can also go Charisma + Brother Xavier and also get a couple of Blood Eclipses. I think it's super good for Carolyn to be able to gather clues while contributing to the team with strong fighting options and horror-healing + resource generation. Not sure if this is the upgrade path you want to take, but it just sounds good to me with your build.

Jan 09, 2019 Daisoujou · 3

@matt88It's tricky! I actually originally had 2 shrivellings and was talked out of it by people telling me that at 3-4 players I shouldn't really need to do any fighting at all except throwing out the occasional direct damage from something like dynamite. I'll have to think about it, maybe I could put them back in since that was my original inclination...

I also really appreciate the Xavier and Blood Eclipse idea, that sounds like a lot of fun.