#AllYellowAllTheTime Rex Murphy

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LostinTimeandSpace · 31

Hello Investigators, This is my entry for the series #AllYellowAllTheTime.

In a party of all seeker class investigators, gathering clues will not be a problem. I chose some fairly common seeker staple cards, such as a Shortcut and Magnifying Glass to boost my action economy a bit. I used Rex's 5 out of class slots on rogue cards. I choose this route because I felt it provided the most bang for your resource. Slip Away , Mind over Matter, and Trench Coat help your chances of evading, and when running isn't an option, Backstab and"I've got a plan" are there to deal big bursts of damage. With investigators like Norman and Daisy, having access to Shrivelling, Rex's other ways of dealing with enemies felt lackluster by comparison.

Doubling down on burst damage, I chose to include the Strange Solution in my deck. Being the primary clue gatherer, Rex will be able to easily identify the solution for his party, while also providing some nice card draw. Lucky Cigarette Case also provides Rex with decent card draw, as Rex already wants to over succeed at investigate checks.

Hyperawareness helps boost both primary stats in this deck, giving you a use for those extra resources generated by Dr. Milan Christopher, or a late game emergency cache.

I included 1 Logical Reasoning as a means to get rid of troublesome threats like Frozen in Fear, but can also be used to pad a party members sanity if need be. with 2 willpower icons, I can at worst use it as a psuedo-Guts.


Jan 11, 2019 elenneth89 · 51

I really like the idea of using Rogue cards for building up evasion instead of combat.

I would personally drop the Logical Reasoning for an additional copy of Trench Coat or even another Lucky Cigarette Case, 'cause it's going to be a very valuable card after an investigate action so it's better to obtain it asap.

Also what are your thoughts about the levelling up? Mantaining the rogue/seeker combo or preferring a just Seeker path?

Jan 18, 2019 LostinTimeandSpace · 31

I would have to drop a backstab or slip away to include a second cigarette case, which I could see cutting a backstab. I like the 1/1 split between them, but depending on the campaign I could definitely see wanting a second trench coat (Looking at you TFA). Ultimately those 2 slots could easily make way for upgrades later on in a campaign.

As for leveling up, I'd probably hold on to the Rogue cards and focus on upgrades like Higher Ed, Acidic Ichor, Deduction lvl 2, as well as cards like Pathfinder and Shortcut. Forewarned is worth considering too.