Shut Up and Take My Money! (Dark Horse . AGI & INT . 2 Playe

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miggydoh · 43

This deck is designed to get clues and evade monsters, but it can also help defeat them as well with Fire Axe and Sneak Attack.

You will be failing treacheries during the Mythos Phase because of your lack of funds during it. That's where Peter Sylvestre comes in handy as a horror soak. Save your skills for this phase as well. If you have Lucky! in hand make sure to take a resource during Upkeep if you have Dark Horse in play. Take Heart is there to help you out when you know you're going to fail that Rotting Remains check. Live and Learn and Dig Deep will help pass checks for Frozen in Fear and similar treachery based skill checks during your turn.

There's a ton of wiggle room in this deck for scenario specific customization so snag Adaptable when you can. Streetwise is a must, you'll essentially stop failing and tests during your turn. You may have a harder time gathering clues solo on your first scenario of a campaign, so save your skills and safety net cards for investigation attempts if you can. Trench Coat is a placeholder for The Moon • XVIII, mostly because I wanted to try both cards and Preston doesn't mind footing the bill. Rabbit's Foot helps with card draw, but if you think Take Heart has that covered you may sub in something else. Likewise, Gravedigger's Shovel may become redundant after you get some xp under your belt. Cunning Distraction doubles as a Guts as well as powerful autoevade for large crowds. I fluctuate whether I want two of these and find it's largely scenario dependant. Resourceful likes to piggyback on other skill cards or pumped up checks, but because it only provides a single skill pip I've left it at one copy despite its powerful effect.

Besides being vulnerable to the Mythos Phase, Dark Horse makes gathering the money needed for Lodge "Debts" a bit harder to drum up because you'll be wanting to stay at 0 resources for the skill bonuses. It'll just take another turn or two compared to most other Preston builds.

Be mindful that this deck's rhythm is centered around a resource boom during your turn and a resource bust in all other phases. You may only be able to guarantee a success for one critical check during your turn so plan accordingly.