Test Icons:

If this skill test is successful during an evasion attempt, the next time the evaded enemy takes damage this turn, deal it 1 additional damage.

Only someone who is half seas over would lather up the O’Bannions.
Borja Pindado
The Boundary Beyond #155.
Hatchet Man

Fantasy Flight Rules Query: "Hatchet Man/Double or Nothing: i) Evade successful with Double or Nothing and Hatchet Man committed: Will the next time damage is done to the enemy this turn cause 1 extra damage or 2? ii) Following a successful evasion with Hatchet Man committed, if the next time damage is done to the enemy this turn accrues from a Fight with Double or Nothing committed, is the extra damage from Hatchet Man doubled?" Per Matthew Newman: "Yes, Double or Nothing + Hatchet Man will cause your next attack to deal +2 damage. If you then commit Double or Nothing to that subsequent attack, that damage will also be resolved a second time, meaning you will deal +4 damage in total."

Cluny · 38
(just commenting because I don't want to review it). Want to try this with Finn/Lupara/Double or Nothing. Seems like a lot of cards for the setup. — bigstupidgrin · 5