Asset. Accessory

Item. Charm. Cursed.

Cost: 1. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Forced - After Nightmare Bauble enters play: Search your bonded cards for 3 copies of Dream Parasite and attach them to Nightmare Bauble. When Nightmare Bauble leaves play, set each attached Dream Parasite aside, out of play.

When you reveal an chaos token, shuffle an attached Dream Parasite into your deck: Cancel that token.

Ethan Patrick Harris
Weaver of the Cosmos #330.
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This card cancels 3 autofails. Combo that with Eucatastrophe, which also cancels an autofail (and recurs on itself in Yorick). Combo that with Live and Learn which can redraw on an autofail. Wendy can discard a card to redraw an autofail token. Combo that with a Mateo being present on your team, who can also cancel an autofail, and can provide a free Elder Sign draw with his signature and an Elder Sign draw with Seal of the Elder Sign in his starting XP.

Once you get your XP going, you just don't really fear the autofail token as much anymore. How useful that will be depends on the rest of what you have going on, but dang, that can certainly open a lot more options.

Soloclue · 1117
Cool card, but really, I just like the name!! — bern1106 · 2