Treachery. Weakness


Revelation - Put Selfless to a Fault into play in your threat area.

Forced - At the end of your turn, if you did not commit at least 1 card to a skill test performed by another investigator this turn: Take 1 horror and shuffle Selfless to a Fault into your deck.

Sarah Lindstrom
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #3.
Selfless to a Fault

I guess this weakness has a great potential to be misinterpreted. I'm even not sure I'm getting it correctly. How I read it:

During each Carson's turn of each investigation phase he has to commit a card to an action of another investigator. It means that this card can only be committed to an action that was granted to another investigator by Carson himself. Well, some other scenarios should also work (e.g. Carson takes Liquid Courage with Versatile and heals his teammate), but they are less likely to happen. Doesn't help to commit a card during this investigation phase when it was a turn of another investigator.

It shouldn't also work when you committed a card withing an action granted by The Stars Are Right or At a Crossroads.

chrome · 45
That is also my interpretation. I see a lot of people missing this. Tough weakness if you were mostly planning on giving away move actions. — dscarpac · 98
You are correct, except that Carson Sinclair can take At a Crossroads and potentially have it happen during his own turn. Still an edge case. Honestly you probably just stack the horror on Obsidian Bracelet and suck it up and move on. — The_Wall · 271
oh, good catch on At a Crossroads during draw action, @The_Wall. Pretty obvious if it occurs, but I didn't figure it out when I was simulating the scenarios in my head. — chrome · 45
Do you ever get to get rid of this card once it's in play? I suppose you could NOT commit a card, take a horror and shuffle it into your deck for a while and hope it doesn't show up again? — Southpaw · 40