Spell. Pact. Blessed. Cursed.

Cost: 0. XP: 5.


Fast. Play after a skill test at your location ends in which at least 2 tokens or 2 tokens were revealed.

If 2 tokens were revealed, search your bonded cards for 1 copy of Servant of Brass and put it into play. If 2 tokens were revealed, search your bonded cards for Keeper of the Key and put it into play. If 2 tokens and 2 tokens were revealed, do both instead. Remove Seal of the Elders from the game.

Rob Laskey
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #105.
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Being a trainer is super cool, but your Pokemon is hard to heal. Most healing cards in this game can only heal investigators or allies. Here is cards you can heal cards with only summon traits:

Call for Backup can heal both damage & horror form almost any card.

Rite of Equilibrium can heal horror, and it just fits your deck.

Ancient Stone or Solemn Vow from your teammate. Appreciated.

Let me know if i missed something.

OnThinIce · 19
First aid (3), Bandages, emergency Aid, inspiring Presence, the smoothing melody of the mirror, bizzare diagnosis, surgical kit. Here are some more cards mostly from the guardian and seeker pool — Tharzax · 1
@Tharzax Did you actually read the review? Those are all cards that specifically heal investigators or "Ally"-traited assets. Neither the Keeper of the Key nor the Servant of Brass possess the "Ally" trait. — snacc · 976
Gray's anatomy can "heal" the summons , I guess. Not a situation that you'd really see much of in actual play tho.. — bee123 · 31
I missed the point that they where no allies. — Tharzax · 1
wish eater? — wnn1111 · 44
Forbidden tome: dark knowledge (uses move instead of heals so it doesn't stack with gray's anatomy). But unlike the others, it is fully repeatable. I think call for backup/gray anatomy is the best option for this combo though — Hulahoop12 · 1
Wish eater only heals investigators so it doesn't work. Another option is possibly The Star • XVII to increase uses by 1. I guess Eldritch Inspiration can also repeat its effect. Which may make for a good // Agnes deck with fast cycling — Hulahoop12 · 1

With the new interpretation of Rod of Carnamaegos, this might be much easier to achieve. Not good at probability math, but a full bag of each type, a rod, plus an Olive may be much more efficient in getting both sides out than you would with favors.

Andy · 4

Seal of the Elders is one of the cards which yield great potential, but need a very specific deck to pull them of on a regular basis. With 5 XP, it is very expensive, especially for an one use event card. Setting up for it is even more expensive because you´ll need cards like Favor of the Moon and Favor of the Sun too and have them in play.

In my opinion its only worth its price if you manage too get both minions out, getting a great 4/4 soak or up to an insane 16 dmg! Even better: The minions don´t exhaust after being used which lets them deal their Damage very fast especially in multiplayer.

But there are many much more reliable cards for 5 XP to dish out alot of damage. Therefore its remains a pocketpick for Kōhaku Narukami and his Book of Living Myths, but feels great if you manage to pull it off and melt a boss with it!

G3nesys · 2
Keeper of the Key doesn't deal damage (to itself or enemies), it discovers 1 clue and deals horror to itself; the ArkhamDB text is wrong (appears to be directly copied from Servant of Brass, including the self-reference). That's still very good. — Thatwasademo · 54
I think it would still be pretty good if you only get one out, assuming you have other synergies to keep it around anyways. A solemn vow from your guardian for example to keep getting slotless fast clues every round is still very good. — Spamamdorf · 4
Thanks for the hint to the mistake! I will update my review as soon as the right text is on Arkham DB (still waiting for my own cards). — G3nesys · 2
I don´t think thats how Solemn Vow works, you would have to play it yourself to somebody else. There are not many Gators who can have Seal of the Elders and Solemn Vow (only Lilly comes to mind from the top of my head). I still like your idea, but I means investing even more cards around this one. — G3nesys · 2
Forget it, I missunderstood the "owner"-part of solemn vow. You are right. — G3nesys · 2