Kōhaku Narukami
The Folklorist


Scholar. Blessed. Cursed.

  • 4
  • 4
  • 3
  • 1
Health: 6. Sanity: 8.

At the start of your turn: Either add 1 token or 1 token to the chaos bag, whichever there are fewer of (in case of a tie, you choose), or remove 2 tokens and 2 tokens from the chaos bag to take an additional action this turn.

effect: +2. Add 1 and 1 token to the chaos bag.

"Why not greet the unknown with wonder rather than fear?"
Aleksander Karcz
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #12.

Kōhaku Narukami - Back


Deck Size: 30.

Deckbuilding Options: Blessed cards level 0-5, Cursed cards level 0-5, Occult cards level 0, Mystic cards () level 0-3, Neutral cards level 0-5.

Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count toward deck size): Book of Living Myths, Weeping Yurei, 1 random basic weakness.

Everyone in the Arkham Historical Society recognizes Kōhaku's booming laughter, and the haunting tales he tells of both the yōkai from his childhood home outside Tokyo and the strange creatures that haunt the Arkham Woods. The eccentric folklorist tells everyone that the chronicling and publication of these phenomena's existence will be his greatest work. It is only when he is home with his partner Gabriel that he hears the cries of the same spirit who haunted his father, and fears that his "greatest work" will never allow him a night's sleep.
Kōhaku Narukami
Kōhaku Narukami


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Feast of Hemlock Vail launches with one of the most restricted and the least restricted investigators in the game’s history. Kate Winthrop gains, outside her class, access to first aid(0 and 3), emergency aid, and survival technique from her science keyword. If it wasn’t for her access to insight(0-1) she’d be Mono-Yellow.

But this isn’t a Kate review. I say all this because Narukami gains access to more than 110 Blessed/Cursed cards, with a spread across all five classes. And his ability means you can’t ignore the good tokens and let them be a passive benefit (The way Sister Mary could theoretically.)

All previous bless/curse Investigators had an issue: making sure they got their tokens out to power their effects. Favors of the Sun and Moon only went so far to guarantee results, the same with Olive or Jaqueline’s ability to look at more tokens. Narukami’s sig ends that. Do you want to use Fey once a turn for the rest of the game? Sure. Need to trigger Beloved to pass an agility(6) check? It's on tap.

The perils of his deck building are more subtle. First, he only gets Mystic 0-3, so his high-level spells need to be blessed or cursed. Second, you’re not >forced< to make everything blursed. The temptation is to try and cram every single traited card in the deck, without a thought of economy or flow. There’s an opportunity cost to making the chaos bag even more chaotic. If you’re playing in a group, make sure everyone else is capable and eager to ride the tides of fortune.

MrGoldbee · 1415
Question, the blessed and cursed tokens at the end of a campaign scenario are reset for the next campaign scenario or kept in the Chaos bag??? — BelialSpain · 10
@ BelialSpain: The bag is reset after a scenario. Note, that this is NOT the case for the day preludes of TFoHV! We did this wrong at first, but because the bag is assembled during Step 6 of "Setting Up the Game", and you skip Step 1-8 before the regular scenario, the bag is not reset in this case. — Susumu · 351

-This is an excerpt from my 'All for One' series of decks. If you'd like to see similar descriptions for other investigators, just search them up under my username.-

Kohaku puts the chaos in chaos bag! He's an oddball mystic with rather high intellect, meaning he doesn't necessarily need to rely on spells to solve his problems, and can even be a pretty good cluever with a few boosts. His ability has potential to net you an extra action every turn, and you'll often be able to add a bless token when you can't, which is a pretty good consolation! The effects are very potent and beg to be played around by loading the bag up with as many "blurse" tokens as possible - and you should have no problems doing so, since Kohaku has access to basically any card with either effect (particularly if you also own the Innsmouth campaign).

As one might expect, loading up the chaos bag comes with the consequence of making draws very swingy. An investigator like Kohaku should have strategies to mitigate this, but any friends at the table might find this less than desirable if their deck hasn't been tailored around bless and/or curse. He also has abysmal agility, and a few badly timed treacheries like Grasping Hands could shred through your limited health if you don't have an answer ready.

Some archetypes that work well for this template:

  • The Folklorist - As should be clear by now, Kohaku wants to generate a lot of bless and curse tokens to get as many bonus actions as possible. What's not obvious is that you want your cards to generate more curses so you can use your ability exclusively on generating bless. This is because generating curses with cards is normally a trade that gives you other benefits, but using your ability to generate curses is purely negative. It's much more efficient to use it on a positive effect like bless when you can control for it. That said, priority is going to be putting tokens in the bag, which is very easy with curse. The secondary goal will be using cards that make the most of those extra tokens.

  • "Lean Bag" Narukami - Maybe your other players let out an audible groan when you mention you'd like to play with curse tokens. Maybe you just want to play something more "traditional". You still want to take as many bonus actions as possible, but you want to keep the chaos bag light, especially when it comes to curses. Finding the right balance will take more finesse, but instead of cards that play off of drawing specific tokens, you can now focus on cards that make your extra actions more potent, such as with the following archetypes. It's also a great way to de-fang your weakness, Weeping Yurei.

  • Spell Slinger - While Kohaku won't be able to access most high level spells, there are more than enough resources available to give him some potency. He'll need some willpower boosts, and spell tech cards like Arcane Initiate are important to make it all efficient. If you have Innsmouth you can really go all in on some of the curse-based spells found there.

  • Cursed Cluever - Not many mystics start with 4 intellect, and there are actually a decent number of purple assets available to bump that number up even further. Conveniently, seekers have received some really solid curse support in Hemlock Vale, and this is very good news if you'd like Kohaku to do your snooping. All those cursed yellow cards provide Kohaku a very interesting niche as a primary cluever.

  • Uniquely effective and/or staple level 0 cards for Kohaku: Rod of Carnamagos, Ritual Candles, Wicked Athame, Ofuda, Alyssa Graham, Scrimshaw Charm, St. Hubert's Key, Absolution, Antediluvian Hymn, Control Variable, Guided by Faith, Hypnotic Gaze, Accursed, Diabolical Luck, Purified, Arcane Initiate, mystic permanents, basic mystic spell assets, Cat Mask, David Renfield, Flashlight, Olive McBride, Speak to the Dead, Drain Essence, Delve Too Deep, Emergency Cache, Ethereal Slip, Uncage the Soul, Voice of Ra, Ward of Protection, basic neutral skills, Ancestral Token

EzieBaikUben · 477
I played Kōhaku through my blind run of "Hemlock Vale", and he was very potent. You missed another staple on him. Hit: it is such a staple, that it is even mentioned on the back of his card! (Not under "Deckbuilding Requirements.) — Susumu · 351
* Hint, not Hit — Susumu · 351
Ups, you actually missed another staple as well: "Tempt Fate". There is really no reason to NOT put 2 copies of it into your Kōhaku deck! Besides: the Innsmouth set of spells are obviously the best for him. — Susumu · 351
* no reason unless of course, if you don't have Innsmouth in your collection. — Susumu · 351
@Susumu You got it! Unfortunately I have a big blind spot with Kohaku in that I don't own Innsmouth; but if anybody wants to complete the list I've started, all the power to them! The cards you mentioned do look very nice indeed! — EzieBaikUben · 477
Still, the card mentioned on Kōhaku's back side is from TFoHV. ;) — Susumu · 351
Hmmm, is it Ofuda? I had that one in the original deck. It's good, but I find it's easier to rely on generating more curses. Did you find it pretty helpful in your play, or do I just have the wrong card? — EzieBaikUben · 477
Ofuda is not mentioned on his card. "It is only when he is home with his partner Gabriel..." — Susumu · 351
Ohhhh, yeah, I've only listed level zero cards here, but that is indeed look like one of the best upgrades! — EzieBaikUben · 477

Quick question about the "whichever there are fewer of" of his capacity, does it count all the or tokens which are in play, like the ones sealed on Favor of the Moon or Favor of the Sun ? I have this doubt since the wording of The Key of Solomon is not exactly the same, saying "if there are more [...] in the chaos bag" which doesn't count the sealed ones. The same question applies to his Book of Living Myths.

To the chaos bag beforehand I believe is meant to imply that it’s based on what’s in the bag. That is how the bless/curse tracker that comes with him is supposed to work, so I would assume for simplicity that that’s how you’d play his ability. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
My understanding, and so far of everyone who engaged with me in discussions is that it only refers to tokens that are in the bag, and not tokens sealed. The reason for the different wording is that the chaos bag is mentioned literally just a few words before in both Kōhaku's case and in the Book of Living Myths. — Valentin1331 · 60578