Favor. Synergy.

Cost: 1. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

One at a time, in any order, if you control a...

- card, you may move to a connecting location.

- card, deal 1 damage to an enemy at your location.

- card, discover 1 clue at your location.

- card, heal 1 horror from any card.

- card, heal 1 damage from any card.

Adam Schumpert
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #129.
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FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Do neutral cards count as a class for the purposes of Synergy cards? A: No. Neutral is not a class; it indicates a card that does not have a class. - Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion Frequently Asked Questions section
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An extra synergy card so that the payoffs for those cards aren't simply two copies of a one-use event (or asset or skill). Instead, it's two copies of two events.

At maximum capacity, it's a solid enough event. Move, deal one damage, pick up a clue and heal 1 damage and horror from any card is very solid. But it takes a lot to get there, and though it's the expansion of multiclass cards, it's still pretty hard to find a way to enable every class with useful multiclass cards. Add in team-play and cards like Teamwork and Black Market and it gets a fair bit easier, but it's still hard to plan around completely, and takes a while to ramp up.

Over all, I think you mostly want to run this card if you have access to either multiple good synergy cards due to a subclass, if you already have reasons to be running the tri-class cards, or if you synergise with the effects on the card. Ursula with any rogue card in play can get a free clue and an investigate, and pop some easy healing in for good measure if you build for it. Trish Scarborough will always see this card as a move, then pick up either two clues or evade an enemy for free, as long as you included Shrewd Analysis in your deck at no cost. That's probably good enough without tacking on some healing or damage. Nathaniel Cho sees one damage as two, which makes it a bit punchier. His limited deckbuilding means he can struggle to max it out, but he also very much likes Gang Up, so there's a reason to try and make it work. Carolyn Fern pays the effect back and has a lot of ways of getting multiple classes into play, and can take Close the Circle, Gang Up and Join the Caravan. Having a method of healing from a distance is nice, too.

SSW · 168
I disagree that Cho like Gang Up at all. It is a Fight event with the spirit trait, but that is all it has going for it. As a mono class ‘gator Cho is already the worst at achieving synergy, and there are VERY few multiclass guardian assets that work with his playstyle. The bonus Combat is rarely useful to him, and the bonus damage is very rarely going to be worth the xp, resources, and set-up compared to Monster Hunter, One-Two Punch, and many other options. — Death by Chocolate · 1131
I'd agree if the tri-class cards didn't exist, but Prophetic is already very good for Cho, giving bonuses for the free events that don't boost fight like Monster Slayer, and paying for the expensive ones that do give boosts. And that alone, once in play, gets Gang Up to a 5 damage event for 1 exp. — SSW · 168
I feel like the operative classes for this card are Seeker and Guardian, ideally plus Rogue as the 1 move adds significantly greater flexibility, in Hard+ play. The damage & clue-find are testless. That aint bad! The heals are nice and all, and perhaps go well with Guardian as they can buffer the AOO this will trigger if you start engaged (another reason why Rogue for the move is valuable, as you can initiate the event in a separate room to avoid AOO and move in to deal dmg/cluefind). — HanoverFist · 508
Having tried gang up on Nat, I found it unreliable. If you can get Prophetic out early, that's good. If you can't get Prophetic out, it's a dead card sitting in your hand that you simply can't pay for. — suika · 8500
According to you control all the cards in your hand, deck and discard pile. — david6680 · 39
Had been answered on other synergy cards, but while this is technically true, card abilities can only interact with other cards, that are in play, unless they state otherwise. So there is no "synergy" with cards in deck, hand or discard pile. — Susumu · 211
Does the "heal 1 horror/damage from any card" applies only to the cards you control? Or you can heal ANY card of any investigator ir any other card in Play that hace health/horror ?" — Rafael · 26
@Rafael: I would say its pretty clear - it really is ANY card, you don't need to control it or be at its location. Making this the most flexible heal ever (but still most of the other effects are more impact-full in most cases) — AGAZUR · 1

I think my favorite thing about this card is how it shows that all along, the REAL clues you were searching for were The Friends You Made Along The Way!

If I'm not mistaken (and I absolutely could be) I think I recognize Naomi, Peter, and Warren in there from Dunwich! (Not sure who the big fella with the staff is.)

HanoverFist · 508
It also looks like a misfit group of Left 4 Dead survivors XD — 5argon · 1223
sorry to disappoint, but These für are Models after certain CoC LCG Players: — PowLee · 13
@PowLee That is maybe even cooler. — Death by Chocolate · 1131