Treachery. Weakness


Roland Banks deck only. Replacement.

Revelation - Place 2 of your clues on your location. If you cannot, place all of your clues on your location, take 1 horror, and shuffle The Dirge of Reason back into your deck.

...was the music a part of the dream, or the dream a part of the music? - Graeme Davis, The Dirge of Reason
Shane Pierce
Books #6.
The Dirge of Reason

Much more manageable weakness than Cover Up. Yes, it can hurt multiple times during the scenario, but playing Roland, one should account for horror damage anyway and with cheap allies(Art Student, horror healing (Logical Reasoning and other horror soaks it is not that bad. I'm going to use this weakness by default along with complementary signature card - Mysteries Remain.

Zuntir · 516
Agreed. Note that if you keep two clues in reserve it also doesnt shuffle back and becomes just a small tempo loss comparable to random basic weaknesses. Even if the clues land on high shroud locations, Roland is good at testless clue gathering. — The_Wall · 173