Jim, Timeless and on Brand

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Wbarobinson · 346

The Idea:

Jim's ability converts Skull tokens from -3 into 0. In essence, this makes him better at testing on 0, +1, and +2. The premise of all my Jim decks is to take advantage of this fact. In the most basic sense, it means focusing on lots of tests at 0, +1 and +2.

To accomplish this feat, Jim needs to avoid spells. Charges are good when you are +4 and near certain not to waste them. That is the opposite of what we are going for. Instead, we are going to find clues and kill monsters with tools, weapons and our bare hands.

The Build:

There are some serious risks when running head first into the chaos bag at +1.

First, Tablets, Cultists, Elder Things can each cause serious pain for failing. To avoid this we need to mitigate these tokens with tools like The Chthonian Stone, Dark Prophecy, Premonition.

Later, we will be able to use Recall the Future and Olive McBride. *NOTE: Olive is generally break even until you get Recall the Future out.

There are some serious issues getting access to good weapons without EXP. Machete is, in my opinion, the best weapon in the game at EXP 0. Prepared for the Worst is there to find the Machetes. Admittedly, this is a serious sacrifice in the early game. I would take 2 PFTWs, but Dr. Elli Horowitz is going to be a big deal shortly.

The next weapon we want is Timeworn Brand. In fact, the deck is named after it. It solves all of our problems. We need more weapons, we need more tests at 0, +1, +2 (without charges), it makes good use of our Intellect with its special ability, it can be found by PFTW. AND! Dr. Elli Horowitz can fish for it, putting into play for some cost savings, making room for The Chthonian Stone, Flashlight and Jim's Trumpet. Not to mention that she can end up fishing for the The Chthonian Stone, Jim's Trumpet and eventually Jewel of Aureolus. Synergy. And do not forget: Dr. Elli is giving me the spare hand slot I need, most of the time.

Upgrade Path (removed card is not set in stone, and definitely campaign specific):

2 Ward of Protection > 2 Timeworn Brand

2 Dark Prophecy > Recall the Future

Delve Too Deep > Jewel of Aureolus

The Context: This Jim deck is meant to be played on multiplayer Hard.

The Execution: With 0 EXP, you need Machete more than anything. If you don't have it, mulligan everything but PFTW. If you do have it, look for Trumpet and Flashlight. Olive and Elli are BAD at this point and work as damage soak. Important! Until you have Machete, you are a clue hunter and support. Flashlight, Drawn to the Flame, Dark Prophecy, and Premonition are all tools that get you clues at a variety of shrouds. Do not be afraid to use them to blitz out of an Act.

Once you have Timeworn Brand in your deck, you mulligan everything but Dr. Elli, PFTW. If you do not have Dr. Elli or PFTW, but you do have a Machete, keep it.


Feb 27, 2019 Zuntir · 492

How is Olive McBride doing for you? I tested her numerous times in Jim decks but ultimately she was pretty average especially on higher difficulties. Do you have different experience?

Feb 28, 2019 Wbarobinson · 346

Hey thanks for the comment. Let me start with saying Olive is bad in every deck other than Mateo and Jim. She is not spectacular in Jim, but later on in the campaign, she will be better than other allies. I used NTGuardian's code from his blog post on Olive to calculate the effect of using Olive with Jim on tests at +2. Without Recall the Future, Olive is basically break even, but triggers more Skull tokens for Jewel of Aureolus and Trumpet... Yuk. However, once you start removing bad Cultist tokens with CStone and naming -3 with RecallTF, Olive reduces failures by almost 50%! She is basically a "win more" card.

Feb 28, 2019 scion of yog-sothoth · 14

Why cut Dark Prophecy for Recall the Future? They work well together, with Dark Prophecy (plus Jim himself) often giving you only one or two meaningful targets for RtF (and you can put one of those on the Cthonian Stone). You can often reduce the bag to nothing but skulls, the autofail, and one other symbol.

Feb 28, 2019 Wbarobinson · 346

Let's say there are 15 tokens. 2 Skulls, 1 Tentacles, 12 numbers. There are the following possible draws where you lose (S=Skull, T=Tentacle, N=Number, A=Anything): T,N,N,N,N; N,T,N,N,N; N,N,T,N,N; N,N,N,T,N; N,N,N,NT = 16%. My chance of auto-failing is almost 3 times higher. It becomes situational all of a sudden... Of course, if there are 3 tokens I fail on, which is often the case with RtF, then Dark Prophecy is break even, but I am paying 1 money and 1 card. My math is a little off, but you can see my intuition.

Mar 05, 2019 Wbarobinson · 346

Thanks so much, @PureFlight!

Mar 07, 2019 Pyjawood · 1

Great build but Olive McBride, Dr. Elli and the Chtonian Stone are unique. So, you shouldn't put more than one in your deck.

Mar 07, 2019 Pyjawood · 1

My mistake .. You can put more than one in your deck, but not in play. I'm not used to that since I only have one core set :/

Mar 07, 2019 LarryHoTeep · 17

Looks like a solid deck. I played Jim Culver with the Grotesque Statue and I had more or less fun. I am looking foward to trying him. Do you think having Charisma could be a usefull thing or just a waste of xp?

Mar 07, 2019 Wbarobinson · 346

@Pyjawoodno worries man! We are all always learning from this game. The complexity runs deep.

@LarryHoTeep no, Charisma is not great. Both allies are situational and often serve to soak damage. Just pitch them for icons and save your exp for grotesque statue which also works with Dr. Elli!

Mar 11, 2019 Smarki · 1

Cool deck idea, seems like a really nice deck! What do you think about including Backpack? Does synergize great with all the items + possibly replace pftw for an additional weapon in the early szenarios like a Fire Axe or something for more consistency?

Mar 11, 2019 Wbarobinson · 346

I love backpack and play it a lot. I don't like it in this deck. I think PftW is 1 money less, which is a big deal in this cash strapped Sitch. I also think seeing 3 cards more makes it more than 55% better at finding the clutch Timeworn Brand. I also this PftW is a much better card to draw into late as it's icons are up my alley. If you want to try it, let me know! Obviously getting an item and emergency cache gives backpack a bigger upside too.

Mar 16, 2019 taal_tarang · 34

Very cool deck.

Mar 26, 2019 Tsuruki23 · 794

Is this a solo or MP based deck?

Mar 26, 2019 Wbarobinson · 346

MP for expert, but I think it can handle Normal solo, never tried though.

Mar 27, 2019 wedgeex · 1

What do you think about subbing in some number of Enchanted Blade considering the Relic trait?

Mar 27, 2019 Wbarobinson · 346

Unfortunately, Enchanted Blade takes up an out of faction slot. You would have to lose Machete for it. The other problem is that this deck fails a ton of skill tests, which makes playing with "charges", something of a waste.

Mar 27, 2019 Zuntir · 492

According to new rulings it does not take oof slot.

Mar 27, 2019 Wbarobinson · 346

Oh, wow! Then it is certainly worth a much closer look.