Marie and David, Arcane Students

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AkaanQ · 872


This deck abuse resources generation from David Renfield and feed the resources to Arcane Studies.

Description and card choices

This is my very first Marie deck and it did pretty well in the Path to Carcosa up to Dim Carcosa where Marie was defeated because of poor story choices (I should have gone the doubt route). Marie's ability to have an extra spell action is incredible so you should plan to have doom on your cards most of the time. This id done with the help of David Renfield or Arcane Initiate. David Renfield is the preferred way of doing this because he gives you +1 and generates resources. Be aware of the doom threshold and the presence of Ancient Evils in the encounter deck to take full advantage of David Renfield : don't be afraid to push the limits, you won't regret it. Ward of Protection should be held for those treacheries like Ancient Evils that could screw you. When the agenda is about to advance because of all the doom you accumulated, use Moonlight Ritual, Calling in Favors, Mystifying Song or Forbidden Knowledge to get rid of it. With Arcane Studies you should then be fine and pass all tests !


First upgrades are Charisma (to reduce Baron Samedi's impact) and Blood Pact which is amazing in Marie : it allows you to gain Marie's bonus spell action from turn 1 even if you don't have David Renfield or Arcane Initiate in your opening hand. Blood Pact can also give you "superman" turns when the agenda would advance anyway (also know as the witching hour). Then interesting upgrades includes Shards of the Void, Shrivelling, Arcane Studies, Recharge and Sacrifice.

What's next ?

With the newest packs for the Circle Undone cycle, I will soon revisit this deck with cards like Hawk-Eye Folding Camera, Sixth Sense and Wither.


Apr 08, 2019 wedgeex · 1

I'd love to get a Sixth Sense in here.

Jul 06, 2019 brerlapine · 17

Really really good deck. Thanks!!!