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zozo · 2567

This is the deck I piloted through Return to the Dunwich Legacy on Drawn to the Flame, a podcast for fans of Arkham Horror. My live play series, entitled Think on your Feet, has me play through a campaign, talking through my piloting decisions and upgrade choices. This is the final deck, going into Return to Lost in Time and Space.

If you'd like to listen to the episodes in which this deck features, they're here:

  • 1) HAW and EA: here
  • 2) MM and ECE: here
  • 3) BotA and U&U: here
  • 4) WDA and maybe LITAS: here

I won't go into great detail about all the choices here, as I cover that on the cast. I do want to give a shout-out to Sean of the shudder Mythos Busters, who originally sent me the deck. My tweaks for Think on your Feet were minimal, adding Delay the Inevitable as Beyond the Veil tech and not much else. The deck really pilots like a dream. Nice one, Sean!

Notable omissions include Vicious Blow and any kind of spell for clue-acquisition. For the latter, Alyssa Graham, Drawn to the Flame and Scene of the Crime work admirably, particularly with Flashlight in the mix too. For the former, it's strange, but I didn't really miss it at all!

Here's the campaign log. Beware, spoilers for the episodes!

Return to the Dunwich Legacy with Diana Stanley.

Physical trauma: 1 | Mental trauma: 2

  • 1) The House Always Wins: R2 | The O'Bannion gang has a bone to pick with Diana, Diana rescued Francis Morgan | 4xp

  • 2) Extracurricular Activity: no res | Warren Rice was kidnapped, Diana failed to save the students: +1 token | 1xp

  • Diana rescued Henry Armitage

  • 3 The Miskatonic Museum: R1 | Diana destroyed the Necronomicon | 4xp

  • 4) The Essex County Express: R1 | +1 -3 token | 1xp

  • 5) Blood on the Altar: no res | The ritual was completed, Sacrificed to Yog-Sothoth: Ā§Zebulon Whateley, Earl Sawyer & Warren RiceĀ§, Henry Armitage survived the Dunwich Legacy | 2xp

  • 6) Undimensioned & Unseen: R1 | Diana warned the townsfolk, 1 brood - the Swelling Devourer - escaped into the wild | 2xp

  • 7) Where Doom Awaits: R1 | Diana entered the gate +1 -5 token | 3xp

  • 8) Lost in Time and Space: no res into R2 | Diana is never seen or heard from again | 1xp