"Ashcan" Pete: Key to Nowhere

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OutsidetheGamebox · 25

Take best starting stats of 4, (4), (4), 3 and boost them with both Keys and Dark Horse. The Desperate skill cards are immediately turned on by St. Hubert's Key and a 0 cost strategy on most deck works great with Dark Horse. Scavenging is the engine to keep Duke acting twice, but with new addition of A Glimmer of Hope amps Duke usage like high grade puppy chow, and will be replacing 1 copy each of Leather Coat, Stone, and Drawing Thin. The first cards to cut other than that for customizations are Old Hunting Rifle with Defiance? I like rifle though for those turns I need to fight More than Duke allows! I didn’t include Lucky due to cost while under Dark Horse, Live and Learn is the 0 cost version of choice IMO.