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_EricTheCleric · 1

This is my deck build for our All-Mystic-No-Mystic challenge on The Card Game Cooperative Podcast. All four mystics with off-class deck building options (Dexter, Agnes, Luke and Diana) playing a standalone scenario together without using any mystic cards.

This was my first ever Dexter build and I had no idea what I was doing!! I put this together with the aim of being second cloover to Luke, but it didn’t really deliver. I also built the deck so it could spend most of the game sitting on resources and benefiting from it, but that didn’t happen either. I think five resources at setup was the most it ever had.

I have no idea what you should mulligan for with this deck. Maybe Elusive so you can return to the resign location when you give up all hope in round three.

I will say that the MVP of this deck was definitely Suggestion, so I’d add in another copy if I tried to undertake this challenge again. I’d probably drop Well Connected as well for some simpler clue acquisition, probably Intel Report.

I didn’t learn much about Dexter from this build. I think he needs more assets that you want to discard, such as spells that run out charges, or assets that build up doom. However, I did learn a decent trick that Switchblade can essentially give the fast keyword to another asset in your hand. Playing switchblade, then triggering Dexter’s ability to discard switchblade from play and play a second asset from your hand takes two fast actions and costs the same amount as the printed cost of the second asset.