Mandy - Gambling Attitude

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Gambling attitude

Ok, this is the first time I publish one of my decks. So, Mandy is the best investigator I have ever tried. This deck is so effective in a multiplayer campaign, but with few modifies able to easily conquer the glory also in solo mode.

First, M.V.P: Mr. "Rook", 2 cards each turn without action...booom!

I think is quite easy to pilote this deck...substantially you just have to maintain at least 6 cards in your hand and 4-5 coin in your bank...and ,obvious, catch clues every single moment, keep drawing 1+2 card each turn at least ( rook + eureka + old book if needed) and you'll finish your deck more or less every single match without effort.

Some tips...use astounding reveleation only to recharge Mr.Rook. Never use eureka/Mr.rook the same turn that you had used already your ability to draw with other cards. Daring Maneuver and "Watch this!" will shines after higher education and glyphs..yes, they will shine! The worst card on this deck is probably the signature card..occult evidence, many times you will use it just as 1.

UPGRADES: Maybe this basic version is not completely efficient, but with a few xp , precisely :

1- 8xp for Higher Education (you will pass all skill test with head + able to reach 12-15 with glyphs);

2- 6xp for Archaic Glyphs for research a ton of clues in 1 action;

3- 1xp for Segment of Onyx (Pendant is one of the best cards in the game...illegal on this fast version of Mandy!!); ...remove 2 inquiring mind and 1 calling in favor. {1xp for another Magnifying Glass (or The Black Book in the circle undone)}

4- then...without hurry...Deduction 2xp, Double or Nothing 3xp, Ancient Stone 8xp (another insane card for MAndy!!!), No Stone Unturned 5xp, Cryptic Research 4xp and Eidetic Memory 3xp., Studious 3xp....blablabla.

You may remove .. 1 old book and 1 mind over matter for the 2 stones; 1 deduction for 1 deduction; 1 working a hunch for 1 double or nothing; 2 astounding revelation for 1 Cryptic research and 1 no stone unturned; 1 true understanding for 1 eidetic memory.

FOR SOLO MODE: stones as fast as you can, pendant of the queen, glyphs for evasion, magnifing glass. Keep out deduction and double or nothing...better move for cryptic research, no stone and eidetic memory.

Ok, as said with this deck you are able to mantain always 5 or more cards in your hand, money in your bank (but be carefull), catch a tons of clues, play two times in a match the pendant of the queen (!!!) and create such insane combos thanks to the greats interrelations between cards (thank to rogue cards). I used to beat the circle undone in team with akachi and tommy muldoon ( two big hammers), but Mandy really shine with a pure light. Enjoy guys. Bye