Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play when you would succeed at a skill test.

You get +2 skill value for this test.

"McGlen, are you tryin' to get us both killed?"
"Not this time, pal. Not this time."
Darek Zabrocki
The Path to Carcosa #30.
Daring Maneuver

Seems odd at first glance, why would you need +2 if you have passed? My initial reaction was that it would help land Double or Nothing but it doesn't actually help there, because of how that works (it doubles the difficulty rather than you needing to get double the target).

It does combo with cards where you need to succeed by a certain amount:


.41 Derringer

Opportunist (though this seems a pretty poor use)


Rex Murphy's trigger

Expose Weakness


Alchemical Transmutation

(I might well have missed a couple)

Ultimately none of these uses are that mind blowing. I think a card that only works in combination, and only provides lukewarm benefits even if you draw the combo together is pretty weak.

I'd like to add that it also pairs with quick thinking. — FractalMind · 11
Cool, thanks. I also missed the advanced version of Fearless — waferthinninja · 10
what about the trusty shotgun? — stetson · 3
And Viscious Blow 2? — AndyB · 374
And lockpicks. — XehutL · 33