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Elevator pitch

Second tier synergy deck, with hilarious amount of oomph and jank. Your first turn is something you want to train/test for in the app a lot.


I killed a main scenario boss on turn 3. I made moves that were healing, dealing, moving and clueving. All that on solo. I had 6-card setups and still had some money left.

What's strong?

Turn 1 Backpack with Schoffner's Catalogue. That's about it. That settles it. The rest is pure fun. But don't worry if you're having a rather regular 3 card setup. You'll be OK anyways probably.

What's weak?

Obviously some sub-optimal choices that are here just to fuel synergy. Grisly Totem and Tennessee Sour Mash are among them. But their not too terrible either. I found myself having a sip just for courage surprisingly often.

I wouldn't play the deck on hard. Outside of Gang Up and Last Chance it will not be able to deliver consistently.

How to pilot?

Drop everything that is not an item. Also drop doubling items. E.g. it's OK to have just one blade and one keyring. You don't need both.

How to start a campaign with it?

Second Winging It, Perception, Overpower, second Knife. Maybe even some Track Shoes to use occasionally with Last Chance and don't loose to much on tests. Essentially tailor that to the first scenario of your chosen campaign.

Don't go that way... I tried

You don't want to have items competing for slots. That's why Cherished Keepsake or Bandolier are a no-no. Sorry. Been there. It's awkward.