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NateRMusiC · 21

In the Thick of It is used for Jessica Hyde and to upgrade Alchemical Distillation once so that it has the ability to heal two damage.

First XP will be used to upgrade The Raven Quill so that Medical Texts doesn’t take up a hand slot, then so that it doesn’t trigger attacks of opportunity.

With Geared Up, Backpack, and an aggressive mulligan, the idea is to start the second turn of the game with any combination of a MINIMUM three healing/investigation items. All the book pips filling out the rest of the deck should guarantee clues and heals each turn.

Scrounge for Supplies keeps Bandages on the board for max action efficiency (don’t need to spend an action healing and giving out On the Mend if Bandages does it for me!), and Jessica Hyde should be keeping an On the Mend in my own hand for each mythos phase.