Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Uses (3 supplies). If Bandages has no supplies, discard it.

After an investigator or Ally asset at your location takes 1 or more damage, spend 1 supply: Heal 1 damage from that card.

Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #73.

This card is sooo good in William Yorick, especially the combo Bandages + Beat Cop. In recent game I played Beat Cop round 2 and then Bandages. The Beat Cop stayed in play whole game (18 rounds) and dealt around 6-7 damage...Killer! You deal damage to Beat Cop, heal with Bandages, enemy gets damaged. When used up, Bandages discards itself and Yorick plays it back after killing another enemy to keep on damaging with Beat Cop...

SergSel · 168
For the Yorick + Bandages + Beat Cop combo, what it does is to save you 2r per recursion of Beat Cop. Pretty good for econ, although if you're already running say Rite of Sanctification you won't need it. — suika · 8176
Interestingly, I ran exactly Blessed Yorcik in the campaign and Rite was good, but the problem was sometime to get my bless generation cards together with it. Bandages also helps heal damage from other investigators and Yorick himself and not needing to play Beat Cop from his ability lets you play something else, like in my case Favor of the Sun or Rite of Sanctification or Keepsake. I managed to pull of the combo in about 4 out of 8 scenarios (2 Beat cops and 1 bandages in the deck) — SergSel · 168

Passively heals 3 damage, so long as the victim can take that damage in the first place. Absolutely great.

The only real comparison here is Leather Coat, which does a similar job, but it takes up a slot, saves one less HP, is free, but it's also self-locked. It's leaning a bit in favor of leather coat, but dont discount that part about helping your friends.

Talk about friends, the ally heal is actually deceptively powerful. In vacuum "heal ally, 1 health," is pretty tame. Now add in allies like Grete Wagner, Beat Cop and Agency Backup. See my point?

Tsuruki23 · 2119
One other point in favor vs Leather Coat: This is slotless. Can run alongside Backpack, Robes, Bandolier, etc — HanoverFist · 437
Can I use 3 supplies in one time attack? — Aslan_IFLY · 1
I'd say no, since 'one or more damage' means the trigger only happens once. If it was just after 'one damage' then maybe. — peewee · 5
From the rules: Each [reaction] ability may be triggered only once each time the specified condition on the ability is met. For example, an ability that is triggered "After X occurs," may be used once each time "X" occurs. — suika · 8176