Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Uses (3 durability).

Attach to an Item asset controlled by an investigator at your location.

During a skill test on attached asset, spend 1 durability: You get +2 skill value for this test.

If it ain't broke, make it better.
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #74.

x:test x:agility|combat|intellect|willpower|"any skill" k:item


x:fight|investigate|evade k:item

(theoretically) gets you the full list of items that Jury-Rig can be used on.

A shortlist of items that this poster thinks takes to Jury-Rig better that most:

Items with negative skill value modifiers:

Items with no skill value boosts but significant effects on success:

Items with less skill value boosts than their effects on success might warrant:

Items with "Succeed by X" Clauses without comparable skill boosts


EDIT: Well, it just came to my attention that you can use any number of durability uses on any test. This is huge, as there is now one king of a card that you'd always want to pair with this card: Ancient Stone (1), to get ostensibly 6 more secrets that you would otherwise get for no resources. This also holds true, though to a lesser extent, for Strange Solution.

Lucaxiom · 3004
Ancient Stone! — MrGoldbee · 1174
@MrGoldbee Kinda? Any item that discards on a success was deemed un-qualified for the list. Strange Solution got the same treatment. — Lucaxiom · 3004
But why? There's no exhaust clause, so nothing is stopping you from using all three durability to get +6 on a test - which is really quite strong when you're aiming for high difficulty Ancient Stone or similar. — Death by Chocolate · 1021
Wait what?!.. You're right! there's no exhaust clause! — Lucaxiom · 3004
While it is good for ensuring Ancient Stone succeeds, you only record the difficulty of the test, not how much you succeeded by. So "6 more secrets than you would otherwise get" is not true. — TrisJ1 · 1
It lets you take on a big test. — MrGoldbee · 1174
Eon Chart could be an interesting target — zombieplayground · 1
I've been testing this on Old Keyring with good results. — DrMChristopher · 104
Probably not the best use of Jury Rig, but it can attach to Liquid Courage. — Lemmingrad · 15

Am I wrong or does Jury-Rig work like Lucky? It says "during a skill test", so that sounds like after I draw the chaos token, then I could use Jury-Rig if I wanted. Other mid-test cards are Ancient Covenant and "Lucky" Penny and both function before the skill test has finished.

EDIT: It doesn’t work like Lucky. It’s more like Unexpected Courage.

RiftArkham · 1
No, it can only be used during player windows on a skill test, which are before and after committing. — SSW · 155
the lightning bolt means you can trigger it during player windows, the last player window in a test is after committing cards and before revealing tokens, sadly no lucky timing is available. — Zerogrim · 232
To add to SSW's answer: You can tell this because the action has the 'lightning bolt' free trigger icon, which means that it can be triggered during a player window. You can review the player windows in the timing charts at the end of the Rules Reference Guide. (During skill tests there are two: one right before the 'commit cards' step and one immediately after. — Death by Chocolate · 1021
(sorry Zerogrim, your comment hadn't loaded for me yet when I posted mine) — Death by Chocolate · 1021
And SSW hadn't loaded when I posted mine...thats...spooky — Zerogrim · 232