The Council's Coffer
What’s in the Box?


Item. Relic.

Cost: 0. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Uses (1 locks). If there are no locks on The Council's Coffer, each investigator searches his or her deck or discard pile for any card and immediately plays it at no cost. Exile The Council's Coffer. (Max once per campaign.)

: Test any skill (5). If you succeed, remove 1 lock. Any investigator at your location may activate this ability.

Card design by The Council at Arkham Nights 2017.

Mauro Dal Bo
For the Greater Good #196.
The Council's Coffer

Tricky card to use but here's some tricks to execute the super tutor on demand.

Raw power it via an exploited main stat, for example:

Once you and your friends get the box halfway done, force the last bit right when you need it with:

And now you just sit back and dig out all your most overpowered stuff and play it free.

I don't know if this can be described as a good card. It's real meme-y with the 1/campaign trigger, huge cost in actions. But the payoff can mean a free tutored Agency Backup, Rite of Seeking, Ace in the Hole, Key of Ys or whatever other card might be critically important at that moment.

Tsuruki23 · 948
I don't get the part about Leo or Quick Thinking. The Coffer comes in play with just 1 lock, surely you can't remove two of them and benefit twice from the reaction... ? — Freeman · 3
It comes into play with one per investigator locks. Will to Survive would allow you to remove a lock without drawing a chaos token, and because it's until end of turn, Leo would let you perform this action twice. — cb42 · 23
Oh yeah, used to solo play, I missed the "per player" part, now it makes sense, thanks! — Freeman · 3