You’re a Star, Lola Hayes

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Sepia_Penguin · 256

Lola Hayes is determined to be back in the limelight! Designed to be the best in flexibility, and when built out has excellent stats across the board.

Besides being incredibly balanced, Lola can get an edge in both fighting and invesitigating. The key to running this deck is twofold: first, get Dark Horse running and second, keep your role as either or as often as possible; they will hurt you the least if you have a Crisis of Identity.

Remember that her limitations are only playing, committing or triggering cards of her role, so Lola can benefit from passive stat boosts, even if she isn’t currently playing that role, hence the power of Dark Horse. Lola has always depended on the kindness of strangers for the same reason, and can benefit from the presence of either Beat Cop or Dr. Milan Christopher. A Chance Encounter will let her switch gears between the two, and can be comboed with Calling in Favors. Knife and Flashlight can be used regardless of role, and serve to keep Lola fighting and investigating even if Machete or Magnifying Glass are not available.

Finally, Evidence! and Shortcut give her a little off-role flavor, boosting her clue finding and mobility.

Useful upgrades include Charisma, A Chance Encounter, Beat Cop, Vicious Blow, Magnifying Glass, Higher Education and Scrapper. Machete was chosen because it was cheap enough to get for free with Improvisation, but other weapons from the class are also useable. Keep the card counts evenly distributed between roles so no one role is disproportionately affected by Crisis of Identity. I bring two of all non-neutral cards so I have a backup just in case.


Feb 12, 2018 nebukadnezar42 · 1

So, Leo does trigger even when not rouge right? why not take him? Especially when you got charisma rockin.... never really wanted to play lola but you got me in the mood to try!

Feb 12, 2018 Django · 1767

The new Chance Encounter is pretty good for loca, because the ally comes back permanently, if she looses one to her weakness.

Feb 12, 2018 Sepia_Penguin · 256

Leo isn’t there because he’s expensive, and doesn’t work well with Dark Horse. The new A Chance Encounter has a similar issue, but isn’t as bad with the 4 cost allies and improvisation. I like the idea of having all of my allies at four cost, so calling in favors let’s you swap with no additional expense. I think building into charisma and the 3xp Aquinnah might be a good fit, she lets you redirect some damage and soaks lots of horror. Either way, I had fun building this one, and she made it through a core solo without dying, give her a shot! I think there’s quite a bit she can do.

Feb 14, 2018 BlackHandGang · 8

Even trying to wrap my head around Lola, definitely going to try this out. Tried another deck on just The Gathering solo and nearly died. So I have my doubts about that one, haha.

Feb 15, 2018 Django · 1767

I don't use the new Chance Encounter to bring back "permanent" allies like Leo De Luca, as they are too expensive and shouldn't die in the first place. However its a good way to bring back allies that damage or kill themselves, like Guard Dog, Beat Cop II or Aquinnah III.