Cost: 1.


Choose an Ally asset in any player's discard pile. Put that asset into play under your control. At the end of the round, if that asset is still in play, discard it.

David Auden Nash
Where Doom Awaits #270.
A Chance Encounter


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • As long as the card has the potential to change the game state, you can begin the initiation sequence. Then, if an attack of opportunity is triggered and that changes the way you want the card’s effect to be resolved, so be it! That is perfectly legal. So, if you play Emergency Aid (with one damaged player or ally in play) and an attack of opportunity deals damage to your Guard Dog, you can then use Emergency Aid’s effect to heal the Guard Dog. You are able to do this because Emergency Aid did have the potential to change the game state before the attack of opportunity occurred (because Morgan was damaged). If, hypothetically speaking, no characters in play were damaged at the time you began playing Emergency Aid, then it would have no potential to change the game state and it would immediately abort the process before the card is even played. The same is true if you, for example, used A Chance Encounter to bring an ally back from your discard pile, and triggered an attack of opportunity that ended up defeating a different ally; you could then use A Chance Encounter to bring that ally back instead of the original one.

  • "Does the restriction on 'giving' signature cards to other investigators in the FAQ apply to cards that don't say 'give'? For example, could I use A Chance Encounter to retrieve Duke from "Ashcan" Pete's discard pile and put him into play for me for a turn?" A signature card should not be allowed to be under the control of any investigator other than the investigator named on the card. So, for example, you could not use A Chance Encounter to retrieve Duke from Ashcan Pete’s discard pile if you were playing an investigator other than Ashcan Pete.
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  • The extra soak that a temporary ally gives is assumed and thus omitted from the entries below.
  • Not all allies are represented below; many were omitted on a case to case basis, usually due to being too slow, too situational, or too minor an effect. If you feel like I unfairly left out a card, please let me know.
  • All story-related assets are omitted to avoid spoilers.
  • All allies included are up to The Search For Kadath.

Guardian allies:

Seeker allies:

Rogue allies:

Mystic allies:

Survivor allies:

Neutral allies:

Final verdict? Helloooo Seeker! Unlike that other classes, A Chance Encounter seems to create better or equally good versions of event cards that already exist in the game. Combined with their allies' disposability and the fact that seekers are disinclined from ever being engaged with enemies, means the likes of Minh Thi Phan and Mandy Thompson could make great use of A Chance Encounter.

The other classes are really hampered by the non-fast nature of this card or the persistence of their allies. You'll really be avoiding putting Agency Backup or Leo De Luca in the discard pile, negating the ability to use A Chance Encounter, and Stray Cat and Beat Cop are more useful when engaged with an enemy, so you'll likely find yourself incurring an attack of opportunity. Mystic's allies are the standout, and one investigator in particular must be mentioned:

Marie Lambeau can take A Chance Encounter, and Chance Encounter gives an ally an inbuilt self-destruct button before the mythos phase. Yep, you can safely recur a doom laden ally, and gain an additional action for it. David Renfield stands out as the best candidate for this combo, as not only does he rebate the cost of A Chance Encounter, he also provides a boost to use on the additional Spell action.

Lucaxiom · 3957
It looks like priest of two faiths would be an excellent use for this card. Because he only want him around for one turn anyway. So it becomes keep faith + soak -1 buck +1 action. — MrGoldbee · 1402

Nobody mentioned the level 0 combo A Chance Encounter + Calling in Favors.

2 Actions:

  1. Take an ally from any player's discard pile (optionally use it)
  2. Take the chosen ally to your hand and search your deck for another ally (if you find one, put the ally into play)

Later play the ally on your hand again.

Works great e.g. to replay a defeated Duke or use your/another players expensive defeated ally to get it back and put a cheaper / equally costed ally into play.

reminder: if you took the ally from another player's discard pile, when you return it "to your hand" it'll end up in it's owner's hand (this doesn't make the combo significantly worse, though) — Thatwasademo · 52
I'm aware of the combo but it's rather bad. It costs 3 actions, a lot of resources and the right combination of cards (2 in hand and a relevant ally in discard pile). Chance encounter and Favors are also rather bad on their own, so i wouldnt even include them without the combo. Chance Encounter: Barring some combos, you want an ally back permanently, not for 2 actions (it costs one to play). Calling Favors: I had this in a few ally based decks, but it failed every time. Either i already had the allies i needed or the search missed. — Django · 4879
I also have noticed calling in favors to just never be worth the time even to 'refresh' an ally in Leo. Perhaps it needs a second opinion review... — dezzmont · 200
Callin in favour in Cho was just complete immortality used on his signature, basically 3 health 2 sanity +an ally for 1 resource kept me alive with a 0xp cho deck in late game carcosa. — Zerogrim · 285

Q: Whose discard pile does it end up in? The naïve reading of the card suggests that it goes in the discard pile of the person who played A Chance Encounter, but I know better than to be so naïve!

The reason I ask: is ACE a way that William Yorrick can use another player's ally as the card describes, discard it to WY's discard pile, for it to be 'dug' up to play again using his special ability?

mrspaceman · 13
See first sentence regarding "Discard Pile" in the RUles Reference: "Any time a card is discarded, it is placed faceup on top of its owner's discard pile." Rules questions are better asked in the BGG forum or other places, like social media sites. — Susumu · 334
See also from "Ownership and Control": "If a card would enter an out-of-play area that does not belong to the card's owner, the card is physically placed in its owner's equivalent out-of-play area instead." — Thatwasademo · 52