Daniela Reyes - Impulsive Door Smasher

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Ramun · 242

Daniela Reyes, known for her impulsive nature, had a peculiar habit—she preferred the satisfying crash of smashing doors open over the mundane act of using keys. Her friends often shook their heads at her antics as she gleefully shattered another door, leaving a trail of broken frames and bewildered bystanders. One day, however, Daniela encountered a door even she couldn't break, leading her to reconsider her destructive approach and ponder the value of patience.

This deck is dedicated to all cRPG players smashing locked doors open before realizing that the key was lying on a shelf nearby.

It features 2 cards from the new coming expansion (spoiler alert) that I believe can turn Daniela into a decent clue-getter.

The strategy is to reduce locations shroud value to 0 to always get 2 clues from Old Keyring (3). The keyring can handle shroud 1-2 alone, shroud 3 using the new Matchbox, and higher shroud values using Breach the Door.

The new Survival Technique lets us retrieve Breach the Door from its location after use, while Old Keyring (3) can be brought back from the discard with Resourceful.

Jessica Hyde and Smoking Pipe act in synergy for soak. Notably, both Smoking Pipe and the new Matchbox use supplies, which makes Emergency Cache (3) an interesting upgrade option to consider.

Finally, Timeworn Brand is here for the high damage output and to compensate for the lack of deckspace dedicated to combat.


Jan 24, 2024 Drostt · 20

At least there is no scavenging in this deck :D because next taboo will certainly include it. I wonder if more "0 difficulty" archetype cards will get a taboo. Btw. why in deck with such solid soak you have not included in the thick of it?

Jan 24, 2024 Nekron314 · 1

Looks like in thick of it does not really help if played standalone?

But what comes to deck itself, using breach the door was brilliant idea. This reduce to 0 archetype is definitely getting better and better so luckily I personally ignore taboo's

Jan 25, 2024 Ramun · 242

@Drostt And no ice pick too :)

Well, if I'm not mistaken you would need to draw a +1 token to meet the "succeed by 2" condition from scavenging, even testing difficulty 0. Maybe this is why Daniela was given 1 in the first place ?

Actually I am not sure the soak is that great, considering Daniela's usual playstyle which is to take attacks from enemies to retaliate. Especially since I have removed some defensive cards (bandages, flesh ward) in favor of investigation cards. Therefore I would not recommend using in the thick of it until further playtesting.

Jan 25, 2024 Ramun · 242

@Nekron314 Thank you for the kind words. I think as long as you are somehow limited to 1 archetype (for example here Daniela cannot test 0 and scavenge), it's fine.

Jan 30, 2024 amgsex_instructor · 1

Cool deck! Lot of inspiration for my future testing!

Feb 01, 2024 snacc · 942

Nice deck, perhaps you could add Take the Initiative just for the artwork matching the theme?

Feb 01, 2024 Ramun · 242

@snacc Nice catch! I actually never paid attention to the atwork of take the initiative before :) Could easily fit in the deck instead of Guts.