Insight. Tactic. Police.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Test (1). If you succeed, attach Breach the Door to your location with 1 resource on it for each point you succeeded by, as leads.

Reduce attached location's shroud by 1 for each lead on Breach the Door.

"Let's see those hands!"
Caravan Studio
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #26.
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By itself it's not a particularly great or flexible card, an action to play, a test to succeed, resources to pay, for the solo it can be a silver bullet for objective or victory locations, but usually it's more like skill-icon fodder and an early cut for upgrades. it's the deckspace issue that REALLY treats this card harsly.


in multiplayer it's a whole other ballgame, the bigger the team the better. Usually in small teams you´ll cheese up the clues on hard locations with clue teck, so Breach the Door is wasted money and card-draw, but when you run into that 4 or 5 shroud location with 3 clues / investigator, even the cluevers are gonna go "uh, I need a minute". Enter: Breach the Door!

As a main fighter in a team, you might often get saddled with a dud turn, best spent regrouping, setting up, taking resources. Breach the Door gives you a neat trick to do to help the team burn down tough spots. A location with 2 clues / investigator and shroud 2 or 3? Turn it into a 0-shroud and watch as all the "flex" character and yourself suddently contribute an easy 8 clues in 9 actions, not bad i'dd say. Otherwise you might take a 4 or 5 shroud and turn it into a 1 or 2 shroud, all of a suddent the cluever does'nt need any setup at all to take care of the whole thing by themselves.

I really hope to see more stuff like this.

Tsuruki23 · 2325
Though I agree its a very multiplayer focused card, I disagree on the reason. The real value of this card isn't to cooperate on a location, though you can in a pinch. The real benefit is to be able to declare one critical location a game that you are a cluever at, which in many scenarios means effectively having a bonus cluever at to split off from the team at no cost, because guardians are extremely self sufficient in terms of staying alive.. — dezzmont · 149

This is a niche card that excels in or even trivializes some scenarios but most of the time isn't very useful. Do you need to clear a ridiculous amount of clues from one location? Is the enemy's strength tied to the location's shroud? Congratulations, you've just won the scenario.

The rest of the time, it let's a Guardian help a little with clues.

Oweldon · 24
Might be a Yorick-combo-piece, if he wants to "Shed a Light". — Susumu · 234
TCU has a cave location this'd work in. — MrGoldbee · 1299
TCU? You mean TDE? I thought of that one, too. There is a second, Leng location in the same half of the campaign. However with this, it entierly depends on how well things went in previouse scenarios. If you did decently enough, it's likely not worth the effort. Card could also be an Adaptable target for Skids or Leo before "Blood on the Altar", in particular if in combination with a "Guiding Stone". But all of that fits into the "niche" lable of the original review. — Susumu · 234
I meant the caves of TIC. Oops. — MrGoldbee · 1299
Wow this would be good for a solo Guardian/Fighter in Blood on the Altar. Gives a doable option for clearing the Chamber of clues instead of defeating Silas. — Krysmopompas · 296
Perhaps useful for Joe Diamond ? As an Insight, it can go in his hunch deck. Joe being kinda good (but not excellent) at both investigating and fighting, this card can use his fight to help him clear a difficult/high shroud location. — DrOGM · 14
This card seems too slow for me. Costs a lot for a guardian, and it doesnt immediately give you any clues. It even has a chance of failing (or only getting -1/2 shroud) — fates · 26
I agree with you guys. I tried to make this work in a Leo Andersen deck with Chuck Fergus, but in 10 scenarios it was never really useful. I mean, I played it a few times but it never really pulled its weight. It should have been either fast or cheaper or capped at -2 or -3 difficulty. — olahren · 2363
If you could reduce the shroud to zero with a high strength investigator, it is basically a better Flashlight, which doesn't take a hand slot and helps other investigators as well. It has some uses with 3-4 players, where you have mostly 3-4 clues/location. — DeadGuy · 19
Flavorfully should have removed an obstacle from the location to breach locked doors; maybe the upgrade will? — darkernectron · 8

This card can reduce a shroud to zero. This means it can be used by a guardian with no enemies to make it to where even ones like Daniela can safely investigate even high shroud locations. It's also thematic. Frustrated you're dumb with an INT of 1? Just break everything.

It does get outplayed by other guardian abilities (lessons learned, evidence) once upgrades are available, but its a decent level 0 mid-tier card.

drjones87 · 93
I actually don't think it gets one upped by other higher level cards like lesson learned and evidence. The functionality is very different, as its not a burst clue effect, its an effect that lets you solo a location of clues, which in 4 player is a titanic upgrade for guardian clue power, and in some scenarios it absolutely will save the day even if other people are helping.. — dezzmont · 149