Taylor Swift`s Jungle Adventures

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DISCLAIMER: This deck is used in an ongoing campaign of The Lost Age, and will be updated after each session with xp changes. Joining Ms.Swift on her tour in the jungles of southern america is Jim Culver on Jim's Trumpet and Leo Anderson as the Beat Cop, with his Vicious Blow on the drums.
Tickets can be bought at your local game store.

and into the jungle for our favorite explorer, Ms. Swift. A hard searching, quick on her feet, evasive little investigator; Taylor does what is most important in this card game: using her actions effectively.

Lets have a quick look at her signature ability. As a , after moving to a location (be it via card effects or an action) she can investigate (limit 1/round). Note that this can be any type of investigate action, meaning you can use card effects that has the investigate action too! This is simply A Love Story of synergy in our deck, with cards like Deduction, Dr. Milan Christopher and Unearth the Ancients. It also makes our Call of the Unknown slightly less bad. This list will grow larger as our character develops.

As for our ability, well; Call It What You Want, but in the right situation its one of the better s in the game.

Now, lets look for some new bling for our superstar, so she can roam the jungles in Style.

  1. Charon's Obol (2 xp). I Don`t Wanna Live Forever, but extra xp is never wrong, and the earlier you get it the faster you will die.... I mean, build that pool of Gorgeous xp! After all, if you are defeated, you can always Begin Again.

  2. Pathfinder (1 xp). You are Swift after all. A move which leads to a investigate action. Not in my Wildest Dreams could I envision such a mobile seeker.

  3. Deduction --> Deduction (2xp). This is Swift`s personal preference. Getting more clues per investigate is huge. Leaving a Blank Space where the clues once were is the best feeling.

  4. In the Know (1xp). Move to a location, then investigate as a free action on any revealed location? No matter how far, the clues will be Mine.

  5. Higher Education (3x). The Taylor Swift Education CenterTM might not be the right place to learn about Cthonian relics or denizens of the jungle, but as a card it`s simply amazing. Spending resources to further boost your is good in itself, but boosting to keep you Safe And Sound is fantastic! If you have annoying terror effects in you threat area, this card will often help you Shake It Off. The 5 card requirement on this card can sometimes be tricky, but our next upgrade should help with that.

  6. Cryptic Research (4xp). Yes, it is expensive, but with Charon's Obol and hopefully a lot of location victories it shouldn`t be a problem. 0 cost for a fast card that draws any investigator at your location 3 cards? Who will be The Lucky One? This card is why you play a seeker. Drawing into 3 of your weaknesses is always amazing!

Well, I have a thing for one-offs. Starting out with a fresh character, I`m including some cards as one-offs to try them out, and some to upgrade, namely Archaic Glyphs and Strange Solution.

I want to thank StartWithTheName for his amazing guides on this page, which ultimately made me try to make my own. I have used his deck as reference, so check that out on the bottom of this page, it`s a very detailed guide to playing Ms.Swift. and I highly recommend it. I hope there will be no Bad Blood between us for borrowing your amazing deck as a starting base for this one.

StartWithTheName`s Decks

DISCLAIMER2: this deck is neither sponsored, nor directly endorsed by Taylor Swift in any manner. If any bold text in this guide has the same name as a song that Taylor Swift has made, it is completely unintended... :D


Jun 11, 2018 StartWithTheName 7068

Love it!

No bad blood at all, I’m far from seeing red. No one puts a deck up here with a “you belong to me”attitude. The end game is to hopefully see someone using it. Even if everything has changed you’d still be little proud.

The only teardrops on my guitar (ok I know that one’s tenuous) are tears of joy from the gorgeous mix of fearless puns and deck description. It can be such a delicate art. Be carful though if you get a reputation for them mined you - it can be hard to shake it off.

Jun 11, 2018 Smands 67

Hahaha, awesome :) Trying to fix the formating on my text, cant seem to find any way to link cards with spaces in it (In The Know) or link to your decks. Any idea how I do this or a guide? Thanks for the feedback and awesome puns btw :)

Jun 11, 2018 StartWithTheName 7068

Im not sure what if this is what you`re asking but if you want to put a generic weblink in Like this, the format is to put the words you want it to appear as in square brackets [], then the URL in round brackets (), so [This is google] (www.google.com), but without the gap between the bracket sets.

For cards with gaps in, when you press # then start writing, it should give you options to pick from from a list. This can be hard with cards like In the Know, because if you type # in it will return a list of all cards with the letters "in" next to each other. Im not sure what order the list is but im betting its just the order the cards came out so since theres alot of words with "in" in the middle (Arcane Initiate, Survival Instinct, Internal Injury, etc). All i do is try a different part of the card name # know etc. As more cards come out its just going to get more tricky though. A bit like the generic URL above you can change the cards description by just changing the words in the first set of brackets. Peter Sylvestre = [Peter Sylvestre] (/card/02033) - which is the automatically filled in one, vs Peter "the big man" Sylvestre = [Peter "the big man" Sylvestre] (/card/02033) for example.

Jun 11, 2018 Smands 67

That was exactly what i needed to know, that helps a lot! Thanks :)