Scrappy Scholar Lola (0 Experience Version)

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ArkhamInvestigator · 142

I feel like Lola Hayes is a difficult character to play. I think there are a few major challenges:

  • She has very even stats where she doesn't excel in any particular area.
  • She has a larger deck size that makes it more difficult to get key cards.
  • She has no special investigator ability beyond switching roles.
  • She has more starting weaknesses than any other investigator, and Crisis of Identity can really wreck her setup.

The ability to use cards from all classes is nice, but normally if you want to play a combination of classes, you'll choose an investigator that naturally has those classes available. If you want mostly Seeker and Survivor cards, for example, you'd probably use Minh Thi Phan.

So, why play as Lola Hayes?

The one thing that Lola has going for her and her alone is that she can take multiple of the Blood on the Altar Permanent cards. These cards are largely considered to be some of the best cards in the game. I think if you build Lola Hayes to leverage this one unique strength, she could be effective.

Piloting The Deck

The mulligan:

mulligan for any assets. Lola's deck is larger, so just try to get as many assets as you can. They all have their uses.

In terms of class, the general rule of thumb is as follows:

  • Survivor when fighting.
  • Seeker when investigating.
  • Rogue when you need to get away.

Leo De Luca is a card you want to play fairly early - ideally off of a discount from Improvisation and then you don't want to go back to the Rogue class except for emergencies, since staying out of that class will protect him from Crisis of Identity. No Rogue skill cards have been included in this deck to help reinforce this idea.

The other two classes are straightforward. When you need the fighting bonus, use the Survivor class. This class was chosen over Guardian so it could use Scrapper once experience is accumulated. When searching for clues, switch to the Seeker class.

Upgrade Paths

First priority:

These are powerful cards and will make Lola's life a lot easier. Between these 2 cards, Lola will (usually) be able to pay resources to bump stats.

Second priority:

These cards will give Lola Hayes a little bit more economy and will help get her resource engine running.


I haven't tested this deck yet, so it's just a concept right now. I could see it working in solo or in multiplayer, but I could see it functioning in both. If anyone has experience using Lola Hayes effectively, I'm open to some advice on this one.


Oct 09, 2018 poeticmatter · 63

mulligan for any permanent assets. Lola's deck is larger, so just try to get as many permanent assets as you can. They all have their uses.

This sentence confuses me. Permanent assets start the game in play, so you can't mulligan for them.

Oct 09, 2018 ArkhamInvestigator · 142

You're right. I think I meant to say "mulligan for assets over events and skill cards." I will edit that to be clearer!