"Ashcan" Pete 2 Player TTS

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Derived from
Broke-ass Pete's Spooky Adventure 273 229 34 3.0
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bishopjm · 7

Other good starting cards:


-4XP: 2xPeter Sylvestre(2)

-6XP: 2xWill to Survive(3), cut 2xOverpower

-4XP: 2xLucky!(2) as needed

-5XP: Charisma(3) and 2xMadame Labranche(0). Cut Perception and Manual Dexterity

-3XP: Scrapper(3) as XP allows

-6XP: 2xRabbit's Foot(3) as XP allows

-2XP: Swap out 2xDelve Too Deep for any combination of Ward of Protection (up to 2), Vicious Blow (up to 2), Think on Your Feet (up to 2), 2nd Magnifying Glass

-4XP: 2xStroke of Luck(2) near end of campaign. Cut any combination of Leather Coat, Unexpected Courage, Guts