Talent. Composure.

Cost: 0. XP: 3.
Test Icons:
Health: 1. Sanity: 3.

Fast. Limit 1 Composure in play.

You get +1 and +1 .

Non-direct damage/horror must be assigned to Scientific Theory before it can be assigned to your investigator card.

Spend 1 resource: You get +1 or +1 for this skill test.

Mark Molnar
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #40.
Scientific Theory

Pretty good for a flex Amanda. She doesn't lose any tempo from putting it into play and you can put it under her as well for a good boost for those stats. But I think it's true home is definitely in a Joe Diamond deck. It protects his fragile sanity and the 2 stat boosts aren't wasted on him. Just make sure you have a way to tank 1 damage.

Not sure who else might want this. Everyone's favorite speedy block of cheese would enjoy the sanity soak and boost but I can't see him fighting a lot without his bullwhip. Maybe he would benefit more from a little moxie instead of ivory tower theorizing. If you really wanna turn your cluever into a combatant, then this is the card for you! Just remember to bring some acid, occult chants, long lost stones, blood books, terrifyingly intelligent crows, a scary disc, home alone trapmaking skills, and a ghost hunter.

Points for theme as well. Really connects with truly understanding the mythos and learning how to fight it. That is until it bites back.

Tay5967 · 12
A surprising number of scenario cards have one-off combat checks, I can see Monterey Jack running this for utility, especially if paired with a monster-killing Mystic. — OrionJA · 1
Sounds indeed great in Joe, in particular after a clean shave. — Susumu · 178

More of a rules question,really: since the card text does not specifically say that non- direct damage / Horror musst be placed in the card, can you protect it with other soak e.g. an ally?

Is this 200 already?

Yes, that is correct. You are intended to protect this card with other cards with damage and horror soak. — DjMiniboss · 38
Thanks! — danthesheep · 1