Martyr's Vambrace
Remnant of the Unknown

Asset. Accessory

Item. Charm. Armor.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.

Health: 2. Sanity: 2.

You get +1 skill value while resolving revelation abilities on encounter cards.

After another investigator at your location draws a non-peril encounter card, before resolving that card's effects, exhaust Martyr's Vambrace: You are considered to have drawn that encounter card, instead.

Carlos Palma Cruchaga
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #37.
Martyr's Vambrace


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"Let me handle this!" in asset form. I think it's pretty good for the right characters that are aiming to tank for their team.

Most guardians have good agility and will so they're moderately if not good at defending against the encounter deck. The only downside is that they have low sanity...but this provides some protection on that front.

2 health and 2 sanity soak for 2 resource is pretty reasonable. Accessory isn't particularly in high demand for guardians, the immediate comparison for me would be Holy Rosary. Both cost 2 and give 2 sanity soak, but this also gives 2 health soak, let's you take other players encounters and gives +1 to all skills instead of just will. On the flip side, it costs 1 more exp, you can't actively use the willpower outside of mythos, and you don't have a chance of getting bless tokens. Seems like a fair trade off.

You could probably use this in a variety of investigators but someone like Tommy, Zoey, Roland, Carolyn or Mark would probably be most interested in it. Zoey can get resources for engaging enemies, Roland can kill enemies for his passive, mark gets stuff for wounding his assets and Carolyn can heal herself up easily.

fates · 49
I agree that brings some value with drawing other players encounter cards and getting +1 on revelation skill checks, but regarding health & sanity #Hallowed Mirror sees a lot of use in my tanky decks to heal <h6>any</h6> player, my or my . — Eternity · 1

Just here to note that location card is also considered an encounter card, which may contains a Revelation test. Though, hazard that triggers when going in/out/staying at the location that is not in the Revelation clause cannot get a boost.

Also, to get an encounter card is usable if it has nothing to do with Revelation ability or no skill tests. It is just that you don't get a boost. (e.g. if you have no clues, take some damage/horror) You can now tank with this card or Obsidian Bracelet.

Rule reference : "Encounter Cards" vs "Scenario Cards" : These two terms are used interchangeably to mean any non-player card used in a scenario, such as the contents of the encounter deck, locations, acts, agendas, the scenario reference card, etc.

5argon · 8404
While your ruling is correct, I could not find any locations that actually have a test during their Revelation. — Hylianpuffball · 26
Oh, you are right. I was thinking about a certain location interaction in EotE, but it was all a part of treachery revelation that make you move. I guess this design space is not yet used. — 5argon · 8404
Also, you dont draw locations — Jota · 6
You do in some scenarios. — AlderSign · 226

So this works like Taunt when another investigator draws a monster?

Seems very good in two player if that is the case.

Blah blah is this two hundred characters yet?............apparently not, but maybe it is now?

I think the most interesting candidates for this card are investigators who also have access to the Mystic class.

As of the Scarlet Keys, this means : Carolyn Fern, Sister Mary, Lily Chen, Amina Zidane (remember, Vambrace is a charm), and to a lesser degree, mystic Carson Sinclair and Zoey Samaras. Unfortunately just out of reach for Diana Stanley...

Low-level mystic events offer awesome possibilities for dealing with the encounter deck's treacheries (Deny Existence and Ward of Protection are staples for a reason). You can now redirect a dangerous card drawn by a teammate to yourself if you can deal with it (it has probably happened to some/most of you that your friend drew an Ancient Evils while you were the one holding the cancel...)

Compare the 2 xp cost to upgrade to Ward of Protection (2) VS the 3 xp cost of this accessory, that grants a similar benefit to multiple cards, on top of good soak and a bonus to ALL skills against revelation effects. This brings these characters' average-to-good Willpower (except Carson Sinclair...) to interesting levels, and shores up their Agility/Intellect defenses as well.

Of course, Ward of Protection (2) has the advantage that it can be used at any location, while the Vambrace encourages you to stick with your fellow investigators.

Lastly, as Guardians / Mystics, most of these characters can be built as enemy-managers, and the Vambrace can redirect an enemy to yourself, potentially saving you an "engage" action and/or preventing the sudden appearance of an enemy on your teammate from messing up your team's activation order.

DrOGM · 22
My first thought was actually to combine this with Tooth of Eztli on Parallel Monterey, regular Zoey, and maybe Roland. — OrionAnderson · 48
Query to the community: As there is free action player window, in the mythos phase after players draw encounter cards, could a Lola Hayes with this as say secondary investigator, have the lead investigator pull an encounter card, then yell help!, Lola Hayes wearing these Martyr's Vambraces then uses the player window to switch roles, into Guardian for free based on her investigator power, and then trigger the reaction trigger on Vambraces to draw the card instead of the lead investigator or another team member whilst they draw their cards from the encounter deck? — Quantallar · 6
I'm not sure that I undertand your question correctly. The window to change a role in the mythos phase will only appear after every player has drawn the encounter card (if no skill check is done) -> Regarding #Lola Hayes you need to have the guardian role active to be able to activate your Vambrace. So you would need a "Player window" before a card gets drawn (latest in Phase 4.15 Upkeep Phase). Or a skill check is done in the Mythos Phase, so you can activate Vambrace for the following encounter cards. — Eternity · 1