1 Core + Dunwich Series: Zoey

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None. Self-made deck here.
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1 Core + Dunwich - 3 Player: Zoey 3 2 0 3.0
Zoey + Rex (1 Core) 7 4 0 1.0
Solo-2H TTS Campaign - Paired with Jenny Barnes 0 0 0 1.0
Solo-2H TTS Campaign - Paired with Jenny Barnes v1.4 0 0 0 2.0

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This deck is part of a series provided for people who have only a single core set & the Dunwich expansions. The rationale is that most of the decks on this site assume 2 core sets. If you have just 1 core set, you don't have much freedom in your deck, so there is not much point in publishing specialty decks. But if you have 1 core + Dunwich, you have some freedom in deck construction but not a lot of guidance.

Zoey is a killing machine. You should pair up with a seeker, or Pete, who is also decent at finding clues. Your main jobs as Zoey are:

  • Protect the team from monsters
  • Make sure you do not get defeated by taking on too much horror

There is lots of horror-healing in this deck. Liquid Courage, "If it bleeds...", First Aid, Dodge, and Smoking Pipe can all be used to help prevent taking horror or healing it once it is taken.

If your partner needs Leo De Luca, you can take Peter Sylvestre instead, who also is a horror sink.

The Shrivelling is there as a backup to handle certain situations that might arise:

  • You are fighting with a Fire Axe and have no resources
  • You have multiple enemies engaged with you [in which case the Machete only would do 1 damage.
  • You are not engaged with an enemy and do not have time to engage the enemy [and do not have Taunt
  • You have to fight a monster that eats melee weapons (e.g., Conglomeration of Spheres)

You might even consider trading one copy of Fire Axe for a second Shrivelling. They come in handy!

Your basic plan is to have a we upon in one hand and a flashlight in the other.

Note that using a Flashlight is better than just getting 2 added to your intellect. If all Flashlight did was give you 2 extra intellect, it wouldn't really be worth it. In particular, Flashlights really shine [geddit?] in locations with Shroud = 1 or 2. _If the shroud of a location is 1 or 2 and you use a flashlight, the only way you can fail the skill test if you draw ._

Here's why: say the shroud of a location is 2. Using a flashlight brings it down to 0. Say you investigate with an intellect of 2 and get a -5 chaos token. Your adjusted skill for the test is not -3. It is 0. Your adjusted skill is 0, and the shroud is 0, so you win. Only on an do you lose.


May 28, 2017 InfiniteWeekend · 1

Do you have a second deck that can be created with only a single core set that pairs with this one? Preferably Pete or Rex. I noticed there's a great deal of card overlap in the other decks from this series. Thanks, these are awesome for those of us that haven't splurged on another core yet.