Father Sealeo

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iceysnowman · 129

My planned deck for the endgame of Forgotten Age on normal mode (no spoilers please).

Yes, this title refers to the Pokémon.

The idea is to seal the autofail, seal another sign (using Cthonian Stone), and try to draw Mateo’s elder sign ability as much as possible using Olive McBride, while using Mists of Ryleh for speed and Shrivelling and Shards of the Void for fighting. Seal of the Seventh Sign can be reserved in hand until Mateo’s ability has been used, since the seal is rather expensive. Seal of the Seventh (or Mateo’s ability) and Cthonian Stone also synergize with each other, since if the autofail is sealed, Cthonian Stone stays out longer.

Mind Wipe is for Vengeance enemies and can be upgraded with Arcane Research.

Rite of Seeking was avoided in this deck as Mateo’s partner Ursula will likely be investigating the most.

The following things would be upgraded using Arcane Research:

Probably needs a Recall the Future or Crystalline Elder Sign somewhere in there as well.

Other ideas were Clarity of Mind (upgrading to the level 3 version with Arcane Research, but Thermos seemed better with the amount. of trauma I’ve heard gets thrown around in FA. Clarity is much cheaper but Thermos is more flexible and has the ability to heal damage. Another idea is Protective Incantation to keep up the sealing.

This deck seems very expensive, hence the Uncage the Souls and upgraded Emergency Caches :(.