Marie Lambeau solves a murder with Patrice (18 XP)

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simongeorges · 120

Thoughts about the deck

  • We knew from the start that the combination of Patrice and Marie could fall a little short for enemy management, and our Withers have needed a lot of actions to disperse what the encounter deck threw at us.
  • The number of times Sixth Sense helped us investigate another location is not to be underestimated, so I feel I was right to use the XP-version to allow investigating in more locations.
  • Hawk-Eye Folding Camera is good only if available in the first few turns, but it allows some redundancy by being a cheap version of St. Hubert's Key in the long run. It's not a must-have, but it's not totally crap either (I was 5/5/1/3 for almost all the game).
  • I almost never investigate with intelligence since I had Sixth Sense soon enough in the game (thanks, Arcane Initiate), so my Deduction were not very useful. I'm wondering if I should have focused more on the willpower side of things (replacing Deduction by Guts, or Eureka!, to allows a little bit more drawing power).
  • Knowledge is Power is good, but not essential at all for the deck. Maybe having 2 of them would have given me more flexibility. I'm not definitive about the card. Here it was used to perform one more Wither attack in a turn.

What I would change

  • I feel the Shrivelling upgrades would be better than the Wither ones, just for saving actions, even if they are most XP-hungry.
  • I was totally unable to do the agility or power tests to open some doors in this scenario, so having Mind over Matter would have been nice (replacing Knowledge is Power and / or Deduction).