Curse of the Rougarou Play-by-play (Night of the Zealot 2/5)

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Bogoran · 33

Note: This is a continuation of the deck with play-by-play published previously. Follow the "derived from" link below to backtrack in the campaign.

First round upgrades applied to Daisy, spending a total of 5XP (leaving 1 as the admission price for Rougarou). Here are the changes made:

+1 Magnifying Glass (1) +1 Disc of Itzamna +1 Encyclopedia −1 Magnifying Glass −1 Mind over Matter −1 Ward of Protection

I haven't tried the Disc yet and I know Rougarou has some hefty enemies, so I decided to give it a go here. It's at the expense of upgrading my other Magnifying Glass, so it comes at quite a cost. I'll definitely loop back to upgrade the other one next time.

Curse of the Rougarou

While Lita rants on and on about their acquaintances in Arkham all being in on some huge conspiracy or something, our heroes tune her out for a while and begin to reminisce about their trip to Louisiana for Mardi Gras. It went horribly wrong, as their trips tend to do.

Round 1: Skids and Daisy find themselves on the black shore at the edge of the city. Skids has his local friend Leo at his side, and digs into an Emergency Cache to replace the supplies Leo drank when he arrived. Having heard the grisly stories, he grips his Machete tightly. Daisy is prepared as well, with her trusty book of lore in her tote bag.

Round 2: Skids lets out a yelp as an unseen force in the swamp burns him. Daisy tours the city, walking through the Garden District, where she noticed a weird doll in a greenhouse. She continues to the Broadmoor district, where she asks the locals about the whereabouts of Lady Esprit, but only after busting out her new Magnifying Glass so she'd look like someone to be taken extra seriously. Skids tests his talent for Burglary when he sees something shiny in the sand, but it turned out to be a bottle cap.

Round 3: Skids is startled badly by sudden ripples on the water. He slips and a toe dips in the water, and a leech the size of his foot clamps on. Skids is having a bad night. Daisy zeroes in on Esprit's secret, but spends a moment cramming a helpful looking Encyclopedia into her bag. Skids hacks the leech in half, then digs fruitlessly in the sand some more.

Round 4: A thick mist rolls in on the bayou. Daisy returns to the shore and leads the group to Lady Esprit. The woman opens their eyes to The Rougarou and the parts of the swampland it has been ravaging. Taking comfort in the fact that his night couldn't get any worse, Skids realizes how hungry he is. And had his arm hair really grown that out of control? Daisy snaps impatiently at her friend Milan, who starts paying attention to the situation for the first time. After a flip through Daisy's encyclopedia and some calisthenics on the shore, Skids sprints to the greenhouse and snatches the creepy doll. His mom loves that sort of thing.

Round 5: The Rougarou rampages through the bayou to the Riverside, leaving destruction in its wake. Skids is ambushed by a gator that had gotten into someone's garden, but easily dispatches it. Daisy mutters under her breath and the fog clears out. She wades toward the brackish waters, easily catching the Rougarou's trail there.

Round 6: The skies darken as the Rougarou storms to Broadmoor, then again back to the wilderness. Something in the dirty water starts to drag Daisy toward the depths. With a boost from her learnings and with some of her notorious Hyperawareness, she stretches to grab a Fishing Netfloating nearby. A couple trinkets get lost in the water as she does. Skids digs an Elder Sign Amuletout of his pocket. It helps with the hunger pangs.

Round 7: Another startling ripple near Skids and he drops his amulet off the dock. His feet are frozen in place as he recovers from the scare. Inexplicable burning afflicts Daisy. Skids spends the round taping bandages around his head. He swears it calms him down. Daisy returns to the shore, taking wounds add she kicks free of her aquatic assailant. Lady Esprithelps her get back on her feet. She clears the mists again and gathers more of the evidence left in the monster's wake. Skids finds the first notice for a medical bill in his wallet, a reminder he hasn't made his first payment yet.

Round 8: Skids is burned again and the Rougarou gains power. Daisy gathers more clues, puts her recently acquired Disc of Itzamna around her neck, and lectures Skids on combat fundamentals. Skids follows his hunger to the Forgotten Marsh, and slashes furiously at the Dark Young Host there including an attempt at an epic backstab. Only one hit lands out of three lands. The Young wraps its tentacles around Skids and he begins to succumb to delirium.

Round 9: Daisy rushes to the marsh and gives skids more pointers. He ignores her and keeps slashing randomly, but manages to kill the Young. Skids spies the Rougarou deeper in the marsh and heads toward it, finding himself at an old Trapper's Cabin.

Round 10: A Marsh Gug appears behind Daisy, but a bright flash from her Disc makes it flee with a screech. Daisy puts mind over matter and chases after Skids and the beast. She engages it, jabs it in a joint, and its bloodlust subsides. She shouts more tips to Skids, who draws its attention and slashes with his machete. His blade connects, and the beast flees to the Garden District.

(it was a giant problem that that was the cabin, so skids couldn't cache/evade/backstab. Lucky he didn't miss as a retaliation would have been lethal)

Round 11: Another Gug leaps onto Daisy, and her Disc fails to save her this time. She doesn't have the components to fire off her blinding light spell. Skids runs to her rescue, but his second wild slash connects with Daisy. All he can do is try one more swing to finish off the monster and let Daisy make her way to Esprit for healing. It's a miss, and Daisy falls to the ground bleeding. Skids takes an attack from the Gug, his clutch on reality hanging by a thread.

Round 12: A Bog Gator snaps at Skids, further complicating his predicament. Skids stabs the gator, weaves away from the Gug, and flees toward Broadmoor. No time to mourn Daisy, he's got to get out of here.

Round 13: Skids runs into Broadmoor and makes his way to safety. He and Daisy won't be solving the curse on this place tonight. He sure is hungry.

End Curse of the Rougarou

So yeah, this went terribly. I think I misplayed by not having Skids pull the Gug off Daisy in that last combat, but everyone was so close to death and getting so constantly owned by treacheries that I don't think it would have made a difference in the end.

We scored 2 VP, one from the Dark Young Host and one from clearing Broadmoor. So at least we made a profit, unless you count Skids' new curse and Daisy's physical trauma.

Next up we'll get back to focusing on the present and figuring out what's going on in Arkham.