Snake Charmer (Forgotten Age winning deck, final list, 34xp)

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Starting out as a close approximation of the "Dreamy Ursula by Scott" deck (@saej), this is the final list of a TFA-winning Rita/Ursula 2-player campaign on Standard.

Based on the fact this was 2-player, and "Dreamy Ursula" is designed for solo, initial changes to the starting list I made were Mr. "Rook" instead of Dr. William T. Maleson and Emergency Cache instead of Unearth the Ancients.

This deck was amazing, and really helped take us to victory, with Rita mainly on enemy management. The Gold Pocket Watch was a good Shattered Aeons include that allowed us to close out the scenario with two investigation phases in a row. Pathfinder and Fieldwork are a bonkers pair in Ursula, and the Practice Makes Perfect/Perception combo is a genius discovery.

Rita and Ursula make an amazing pair in Forgotten Age. They had zero vengeance (i.e. no tally marks under Yig's Fury) by the end of the campaign, thanks to their evade-based enemy management. Highly recommend.

You can follow the adventures on my Arkham-specific Instagram account,

Thanks, @saej, for helping me win my first Forgotten Age victory (after quite a few failed attempts), and to my partner for piloting this deck exceptionally well!