Independent Faux Seeker Series: Jim (With Pete Version)

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FBones 3443

This deck is part of a new series I'll be publishing: The Independent Faux Seekers Series.

The basic idea is that you might want to give yourself some extra challenge and play a game without any seekers (currently by far the strongest faction). The goal is to provide decks that accomplish two goals:

  • Allow a significant amount of clue finding
  • Allow the investigator to mostly take care of himself or herself

The second point means that these decks could be played solo or as an efficient part of a pair-play. Typically, it is most efficient for investigators to split up because otherwise you have to invest a lot of moves in each of you visiting all the locations.

Jim has more flexibility than any other investigator [except Roland] because he can viably do normal investigation or investigate through Rite of Seeking. Given that flexibility, it makes sense to offer different decks based on whom he is partnering with. This deck assumes he is partnering with "Ashcan" Pete, which means Dr. Milan Christopher is off the table, as is Dark Horse and Fire Axe. It is better to let Pete have those and have Jim adapt his deck around it.

This deck comes with 2 Moonlight Rituals to allow removal of doom from Alyssa Graham, Arcane Initiate, or Blood Pact. It has one Lone Wolf, 2x Emergency Cache, and 1x Forbidden Knowledge to address Jim's crappy economy. Note that Forbidden Knowledge is a great way to get rid of Arcane Initiate and get some resources.

The things you want ASAP are Machete or Arcane Initiate. If you can get a Machete out, there is no rush to get out Shrivelling, since Jim actually prefers Machete unless Holy Rosary is in play.

Things you can do with xp:

Blood Pact or Charisma should be your first includes, in one order or the other. With 2x Moonlight Ritual you can get a lot of use out Blood Pact.

Next, consider Jewel of Aureolus, which can help Jim's economy. Once you have this, you can consider paying 1xp to sub out 1 Lone Wolf for an additional Leo De Luca. You can also include Relic Hunter, which allows you to have either 2x Holy Rosary or Holy Rosary + Jewel of Aureolus out at one time.

But you don't need to go the Jewel of Aureolus route, Grotesque Statue is always great, and Jim Culver can consider getting an upgraded Shrivelling for the nastier enemies.


Aug 12, 2017 Teknikal 1

Says this is the Pete version but there is no Pete in here. It's Leo and lone wolf

Aug 12, 2017 FBones 3443

This is the version that is intended to partner with "Ashcan" Pete the investigator. That is why the survivor cards are not considered available.

Aug 13, 2017 Teknikal 1

Sweet. Thanks :) going to try