Treacherous Rex

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SolarJ · 299

Ordering To Take Away? One Treachery To Go Please!

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“Destiny is a good thing to accept when it's going your way. When it isn't, don't call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck." Joseph Heller, God Knows

This deck spawned from the idea - Can we trivialise treachery cards and boost payback from tests in the mythos phase for some benefit?

Gaining some influence/interaction/protection from 'bad stuff' cards is present in each faction, but which investigator could leverage the most out of this group of cards?

Being able to run to Dr. William T. Maleson, Tooth of Eztli and The Eye of Truth seemed a great start, so a seeker with any access to the other cards of this type was going work better.

Thankfully Rex has the benefit of being able to pick and choose from the level 0 toolbox, so lots of fun can be had taking such a build in multiple directions. What better way to mitigate his bad luck than to trivialise the 'bad stuff'?

Reaching for the Truth

Something in the coffee?

The multiple skills aim to put Rex in a situation to pass and benefit from a skill tests in the mythos phase. Cards like The Eye of Truth will give recurrent payback for a particularly treachery, True Understanding a clue, Quick Thinking an action etc. Other cards like The Red-Gloved Man, Dr. William T. Maleson and Ward of Protection are all about protection to the same..

Either way early game is about securing the following

Pretty much everything else is gravy. Barricade is great to protect a set up or just milk a place for clues in multiplayer especially if In the Know happens to be playable.

It is worth noting that the main way of dealing with enemies is Dr. William T. Maleson, The Red-Gloved Man and Barricade, but you should have some skill icons to get away in a pinch.

Resources are really not going to be a big issue here, most cards cost 1 or less so just enjoy!

Don't Panic!

This build is a thought experiment first and foremost but I suspect it is particularly flexible, aiming to give consistent investigator phases with minimal encumbrance from the 'bad stuff'.

There is an assumption this fits a multiplayer cluver build, leaning into the hope that someone else will have more reliable tools to manage those enemies.

The flex slots for Rex can take this build in multiple directions so don't be constrained by the example I published here - those were the ones that seemed most interesting to me to achieve the aim of the deck.

I've added some key examples of other cards that fit the theme in the side deck just to give some scope to the variety available here. For example you could go full cancellation with 2 of each of Forewarned, Ward of Protection and A Test of Will. Seems fun to me!

Solo considerations are perhaps less viable, but I still think there is some mileage solo here with a bit of trial and error.

Overly Suspicious

Let me know what you think of Treacherous Rex in the comments below! I'd love to hear if anyone has tried similar? Are there 5 different splash cards for Rex you rate better here? Is this build too broken to work at all?

Till next time!



Apr 01, 2021 LivefromBenefitSt · 603

I'm not s2ure how it would play, but every card feels "Rex" to me.

Apr 01, 2021 SolarJ · 299

Thanks! It's very much theorycrafting but I'm sure Rex will keep on top of the clues with at least one other investigator covering his back. Functionality and theme is what I try to push for and all my builds are intended for standard level play.