Test Icons:

Commit only to a skill test from an ability printed on a scenario card.
If this skill test is successful, discover 1 clue at your location.

Alexander Kozachenko
The Boundary Beyond #153.
True Understanding

This is a hard card to review because it's power fluctuates madly from scenario to scenario.

"Text printed on a scenario card" basically means treachery tests, unique location tests, parlay tests and anything printed on an act/agenda. This specifically means you cant use True Understanding while investigating, attacking or evading.

The limitation and the essential nature of the game basically causes this card to most often trigger during defensive tests during treachery draws and thus, the card is drastically more likely to trigger if your ability to pass tests is good to begin with. This, most common, way to get True Understanding to trigger means that you need to be located where clues are when you attempt the test, this by itself can be tough.

Another consideration when evaluating this card: 1 Clue might not actually be useful to you to begin with, Rex Murphy, Mystics and Seekers with Archaic Glyphs tend to pick clues up in bulks of 2 so the single clue wont always be useful to begin with. Thus it's better to use this card in a deck where picking up clues singly is a common occurrence (For example when Daisy Walker or Norman Withers are around).


Now the flip-side. True Understanding might at this point seem like it needs a pile of things to compile to be worth taking, but when they do the incredibly strong result is most definitely worth the wait, a free, action-less, resource-less, clue tacked onto a successful treachery test or something more scenario unique. You can always try to plan for using True Understanding by ending rounds on clue locations (like many characters do for Evidence! or Scene of the Crime) or by bringing the test to the location via common treacheries like Frozen in Fear.


TL:Dr. Hard to trigger, extremely useful when it does.

Tsuruki23 · 2014
I think the best person to pair this with is Silas Marsh. Yeah, his Willpower is quite low to pull this off reliably, but his Elder Sign ability means that he can pull this into a skill test during a Mythos treachery card and nab a free clue. Not bad! — Darthcaboose · 212
Nice catch there, yeah thats a cool interaction, it competes with Quick thinking, Resoruceful and Nautical prowess tho. — Tsuruki23 · 2014
This seems like a solid choice in Minh too, as she makes the test more likely to pass with her ability, and her Willpower is a base 4. I think when you have this card in hand, you probably try to move to locations with a clue on them. And the action-less clue is certainly powerful. — PureFlight · 628
this does combo with Maleson, potentially. You might be able to pick up his dropped clue depending on what new encounter you draw — Zinjanthropus · 162

I'm noticing a discrepancy between the text as printed on the card and as written on this page that significantly affects the efficacy of this card. There is no posted errata so I'm wondering if this is an error.

EDIT. I realize now the text discrepancy would not have an affect on this card's performance.

Pizzagoat · 1
Would this work with Relic of Ages from Forgotten Age or The Man in the Pallid Mask’s Investigate action? — Eviltowe · 1
@Eviltowe No for the Relic, Yes for the MitPM. The relic is a player asset; you play it or take control of it and it is in your play area as one of your assets. The MitPM is an enemy while in play, and is "controlled," more or less, by the scenario. — SGPrometheus · 531
On this topic- MitPM seems like a perfect example of where this skill works... it’s literally an Ability, complete with the Action icon, printed on his card. So- is it an “ability” when the test is part of the Revelation text (like Rotting Remains) or part of a forced effect (like Frozen In Fear’s end of turn effect), neither of which have an Action/Ability icon, and are compulsory? — HanoverFist · 372