Short Sharpe Shock

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acotgreave · 141

Such fun! This is my solo Innsmouth Conspiracy deck; Amanda also dealt with the War of the Gods towards the end of the campaign, giving her the wonderfully fun Cloak of the Outer Realm.

Thoughts on Amanda:

  • Some people say Ancestral Knowledge is less efficient than 1 or 2 copies of Studious. Perhaps that's true, but it's far more FUN to play Ancestral Knowledge, esp once you have Dream-Enhancing Serum down.
  • Because you're almost always going to have a big-icon skill card in your hand, she can escape any situation. Got an enemy, but no damage/evade tech laid down? Just put Promise of Power or Inquiring Mind beneath her and now you're evading at 5 or 6 minimum
  • It can be useful to keep "filler" cards in your hand. Some turns, you may not be doing any skill tests. Laying Dream-Enhancing Serum or similar beneath Amanda is fine at this point: it doesn't have many icons, and you'll soon see the card again when you cycle through your deck. That's less frustrating than finding yourself with only your copies of Perception in a turn you're not going to take any tests.
  • I made a mistake keeping Hemispheric Map and Segment of Onyx in the deck without adding Relic Hunter.
  • Strange Solution is a wonderful way to turn Amanda into a fighting machine. I personally don't like putting Vicious Blow in her decks, even in solo, because it's too situational. I'd rather evade until I find the ichor
  • Amanda is so much fun! Don't be put off by what might initially appear like a weak set of stats.
  • Here's a similar deck I used for a 4 player TIC run.