For the Alliance! Ally-focus deck for Lola Hayes

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Uncle George the Farmer 91

This deck is higly ally-depented. With the new addition of Calling in Favors and the combo that you can make with The Red-Gloved Man brings new dynamic in the table.

Lola have low sanity and health. Either build around to buff up her stats and skills ( with accesories etc) or bring your alliance to defeat the Mythos.

This build focus on multiplayer game (i will make a solo-deck really soon) and your role is finding clues. In the end game if you xp right Lola will bring some deadly combos. She will avoid any deadly treachery with A Test of Will and Forewarned. She will bring upside-down with Sure Gamble or Lucky!. She will even tank a boss for 2 turns with Devil's Luck. She's so versatile on how you'll spend your xp.

But the must-card you need to buy after the 1st scenario is Charisma. In order to utilize your combo: Random ally-->Calling in Favors.

Leave the beast-slaughtering to your killing machine and go gather these clues!


Dec 07, 2017 jacque_stampunk 3

The seeker allies that do something when they enter are real good. I have been testing a "Tinder" Daisy deck that has Only 1 Dr. Milan Christopher 1 Alyssa Graham, and 1 Research Librarian. But 2 David Renfield and 2 each of the Art Student and Laboratory Assistant. I have had several hands that open David Renfield and Calling in Favors and it is nice to let him sit out there get me several resources and then return to hand or get discarded for someone that does something then is just a meat shield. For example Art Student does the same thing that Working a Hunch does (cost and ability wise I know the icon pips are different) but it gives you a cheap body to throw some damage on and can replace something like David Renfield (in my deck) or can be replaced by someone of better stature like Dr. Milan Christopher. No real suggestion here just some thoughts.

Dec 07, 2017 Kanhead 2

I like the idea, I had a very similiar one myself though I kept the card cost down. Are you concerned the high costs assets will be difficult/risky to use given the need to be in role to active abilities and the risk of Crisis of Identity?

Dec 07, 2017 StartWithTheName 4943

Not sure if the interaction between Calling in Favors and lolas restriction on not being able to play out of faction cards works unless you are able to switch roles while looking through your deck (dont think theres a window). Unless of course you pick the faction of the ally you hope is in the top 9 cards.