Most charismatic man in the world (Edge of the Earth)

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colpcoltran · 7

This is the deck of my first playthrough with Charlie Kane (and also my first guide). The deck felt very strong and capable of dealing with everything that the game threw at us. This is how the deck was at the end of the campaign. Also, it felt fitting into the theme of polar expedition. A wealthy politician with a bunch of guys around him :)

We played Edge of the Earth campaign - I picked Takada Hiroko as an ally which greatly helped me with the resources - for other campaigns, there would be necessary changes, to mitigate for this.

Also, this is by no means super-optimalized version of this deck, I went instead for versatility and fun approach. Each playthrough is different since most of the allies are in the deck only once, but there is a lot of them. So you have more tools to choose from.

Key combos:

Dark Horse - Fire Axe - Mariner's Compass You hit for two, investigate for two and have +1 in all skills. You try to mulligan for Ever vigilant and play most of your assets/allies in first two turns. You go broke and play additional assets via Emergency Cache, Motivational Speech, Take Heart and Takada Hiroko

Lonnie Ritter - Heavy Furs - The Black Cat - Peter Sylvestre With those three, you get potentionally unlimited soak and chaos token manipulation.

Take Heart This combos well with your base statline so you can easily fail when you need it.

Overall, I was very satisfied with how this deck went, I havent watched much into the other guides for Charlie when creating this deck so I surely missed some good card picks.

Once you get Leo De Luca + one of Bonnie Walsh, Michael Leigh, The Black Cat or Miss Doyle into play (which shouldnt be hard), you are fine. When you also add Fire Axe, Mariner's Compass and Dark Horse, you become near-impossible to beat. From some moment (which will be subjective), you want to stop playing allies and start throwing them into skill tests.

Only potentional problem is if you lose Takada Hiroko in middle of campaign, but that is random. In that case, I would add more resource generation.

Hope this guide helps you.