Oh my god, they killed Calvin, those bastards!!!

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shekbo · 18

I built this Calvin deck to help our 4 player team tackle Forgotten Age. I envision him as being a type of Jack of All Trades.

If we need more fighting, he can pump fists and feet If we need more clues he can pump heads and books. He's got cards to help both.

Since he's always going to be teetering on the edge of Sanity and Health he needs some cards to take the hit for him. Leather Coat and Cherished Keepsake coupled with a couple useful Allies Madame Labranche and Peter Sylvestre are here to soak up hearts and brains.

Painkillers and Smoking Pipe should allow me to manage whichever resource I want to reduce/increase.

Dark Horse is there for the overall skill boost and since it is we also include Fire Axe. Gravedigger's Shovel adds to the versatility of the deck and Improvised Weapon looks like fun.

Once I decide what Calvin's role will be in a scenario Backpack will help me get the cards I need to execute the plan.

We start our campaign on 5/24 so I'll happily listen to any suggested improvements.


May 16, 2018 shekbo · 18

I may take out Peter Sylvestre and Add "Let me handle this!" because my teammate playing Finn wants Peter :)

May 16, 2018 blinovitch · 1

And your other teammate wants Calvin to be able to handle things...

What are some immediate upgrades you're eying for this deck?

May 16, 2018 shekbo · 18

The first upgrade on Calvin's wish list should be Against All Odds since it will always work for him. Other then that I'd probably go to the 3 cost Ward of Protection to help my teammates out or Will to Survive.

May 17, 2018 jd90 · 11

You want Monstrous Transformation for him!

May 17, 2018 shekbo · 18

@jd90 That sure would be nice to have but Monstrous Transformation is a Story Asset and you can only get it by playing through Curse of the Rougarou.