[Pre-TCU] Sef Bow+Lola

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cyrg · 22

This is a sample bow+lola sef build that swims in resources, grabbing single clue locations using Lola and otherwise using RoS. It does perform in solo on standard (tested in half of FA and RttDL until LiTaS) but is probably better in 2 or 3 player where you might have an easier time to reload the bow and prepare big turns.

At this point in the build I think it could tackle higher difficulties, but it would be difficult to get enough XP since the starting missions will be tougher. A regular Spellfina build is quicker to get off the ground and would probably be easier to get going, at least in solo. But would it be as much fun though?

The TCU resource based cards all look really good, but this build was created before the release of those cards (also, I don't have TCU yet ;__;). Since you in many cases could end up sitting on a massive pile of resources and not spend all of them, they are up for consideration in case I would do a new build.

There are a number of different ways to reach critical resource amount, and the large number of cards that are involved make it so you are usually guaranteed to have at least one way to increase your resources from the starting hand, usually more.

Paths to riches

  • Copying or just playing Hot Streak
  • Double or Nothing + High Roller and/or "Watch this!"
  • David Renfield is not essential to the success, at this point he is just one of the many resource generating cards to get the ball rolling. In some scenarios you have a mega agenda (e.g. Where Doom Awaits) he stands for the majority of resources you gain, other times he's mostly there for the quick willpower boost, health soak, paying for himself and then being replaced by Leo/Lola/campaign ally.
  • Lone Wolf, but this won't solve all your resource concerns by itself. It does however keep you afloat nicely.

Considerations on the current build

  • Leo De Luca or Cat Burglar ? Luca is probably more generally useful and the extra action helps when wielding the bow. Burglar gets you out of otherwise impossible situations though, e.g. avoiding attacks from broods in U&U. Player count dependent. I really liked burglar in solo but in low location scenarios where you can't really walk away he doesn't do much (other than +1 agi, 2h2s of course.
  • Quantum Flux can be flexed depending on scenario using Adaptable. Candidates are Backstab, "I'm outta here!", Sneak Attack, Moonlight Ritual, Delve Too Deep, ...
  • Storm of Spirits or Backstab ? Currently favoring Storm since it gives a whole swath of possibilities compared to Backstab which is just a replacement for a second shot with the bow. Using Storm (can combo with DoN, and target the lowest combat enemy engaged with you) you can easily solve otherwise very difficult situations (especially if you don't run Cat Burglar because then you can't even walk away from all the enemies).
  • Rite of Seeking is probably a bit too much if solo. In that case, it can be swapped out for something useful. If not running Cat Burglar then maybe Think on Your Feet? Or just throw 2x of one of the money cards from TCU in there!

Splurge cards once build is in place..

The dice and time warp seem to have a pretty cool interaction, correct me if I'm wrong, where you could redraw using the dice and time warp in case you either hit tentacle, or spend too many resources.



Feb 11, 2019 Onetribe · 148

I'd say that Rite and Lola and Drawn To The Flame and Streetwise are a tiny little bit too much in the clue grabbing department if you're solo. So I'd say... you have 4XP less to grab and 2 juicy slots to fill :)

Feb 11, 2019 cyrg · 22

I agree! I tested this mostly on solo and in that case RoS in general does not feel as good as in multiplayer. It is great when you have it out and you just clean 2 clue locations with minimal effort, but it is expensive to play and to my dismay there arent that many big multi clue locations around when playing solo. RoS(2) looked very enticing however when RttDL dropped so I could not keep myself from trying it. :) Next time I run this I would drop RoS (at least not grabbing the xp version, and could replace RoS(0) with something else when you have Lola) if solo, or just have a go with it in multiplayer.