• "Ignore the text on the unrevealed side of Arkham Asylum locations" gained from No Asylum counts for both printed text and gained text. In other words, you would need to reveal the Garden in order to Resign there.
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Carolyn Fern
  • Q: How broad is "heals horror" meant to be interpreted? Cheat Death, Peter Sylvestre, are these intended to be attainable by Carolyn? Is it basically any card that uses "heals # horror"? A: Correct! If it heals horror, Carolyn can take it.

  • Q: How does the restriction on number of / cards interact with the 0-5 "heals horror"? If I take 2 Clarity of Mind, does that count towards my 15 / cards, or is it separate because it falls under my 0-5 "heals horror" cards? A: If a or card heals horror, it counts towards that deck building option, not her 15 limited / slots. In other words, her card should actually read “15 other Seeker and/or Mystic cards”. (Also, the symbol next to the word Guardian should be a symbol; we’re aware of this error.)

  • Q: Does Carolyn's ability trigger once or twice from Liquid Courage? A: Only once. The word “additional” in the second healing effect denotes that the two points of healing should be lumped together into one healing effect, not treated as two separate instances of 1 healing each. - FAQ, v.1.3, May 2018.
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Archaic Glyphs
  • Q: As this does not replace the Investigate action, do you still get a clue ? A: Correct, you do.

  • Q: This is not an Evade action, so presumably you're not limited to evading an enemy engaged with you? Similar to Stray Cat and Cheap Shot? Is it valid if Daisy uses Prophecy Foretold to investigate, and evades an enemy engaged with Zoey? A: In this case, the sentence "you may automatically evade an engaged enemy" means that you may automatically evade an enemy that is currently engaged with you—not any enemy engaged with any investigator at any location. Since this text can be potentially confusing, I will make a note to clarify this in the next iteration of the FAQ.
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Key of Ys
  • Q: When Key of Ys says "placed on you" in the Forced effect, does "you" mean your investigator card, or any card you control? A: "You" in this case means your investigator card.
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Eidetic Memory
  • Q: Lola Hayes, while she obviously must be to play Eidetic Memory, does she also need to be in the same faction as the card being played as "exact copy"? For example, can Lola Hayes use Eidetic Memory to play Sure Gamble ()? A: Unfortunately, Lola could not use Eidetic Memory to play a card from a class other than . She must be in the role in order to play Eidetic Memory, but she must also be in the corresponding role for the chosen insight event, since she is playing Eidetic Memory as an exact copy of that card (including its class). As a result, the chosen insight event must either be Seeker or neutral in order for Lola to play Eidetic Memory as a copy of it.

  • Q: Can Eidetic Memory be used to copy signature events with the Insight trait? For example, could Lola copy Roland's Mysteries Remain (if it was in his discard pile)? We noticed the current FAQ only references control: "An investigator cannot control another investigator’s signature cards." A: Yes, although it’s worth noting that Mysteries Remain removes itself from the game when played, so it will only end up in the discard pile if it is discarded through some other means.
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