Storm of Spirits
  • Q: For the card Storm of Spirits and Mk 1 Grenades, the text reads: "(any additional damage is dealt to the attacked enemy)". What does the "additional damage" refer to? Also, regarding the "Mk 1 Grenades", can these be used with "Marksmanship" because they have the "Ranged" keyword? A: The text “any additional damage is dealt to the attacked enemy” refers to any other effects which might add to the attack’s damage, such as Vicious Blow or, indeed, Marksmanship. For example, if you used the grenades on an enemy and committed Vicious Blow to the skill test, the attacked enemy would take the additional +1 damage from Vicious Blow, but Vicious Blow would not affect the damage dealt to all of the other enemies at the location. As for Marksmanship, yes, you can absolutely use it with the Grenades! As with the above example, the bonus +1 damage from Marksmanship would be dealt to the attacked enemy, and not to the other enemies at the location.
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  • Q: [part 1 of 2, splitting for clarity] I am a bit confused as to how Handcuffs interacts with some encounter cards. The Truth is Hidden says "flip" clues to doom, not "place" doom. Would it still flip the doom on Seeker of Carcosa? A: Flipping clues to their doom side is not the same as placing them. In this instance, the token has already been placed on the card, so Handcuffs will not prevent the tokens from then being flipped over to their doom side. Note that the agendas in Echoes of the Past each read “After 1 or more clues are placed on an enemy in play: Flip those clues to their doom side,” meaning the flipping occurs after the tokens are already placed.

  • Q: [part 2 of 2, splitting for clarity] Mysterious Chanting and Dance of the Yellow King look for a cultist in play. If a cultist or lunatic is handcuffed they cannot ready, but they might be the only cultist or lunatic in play. Are those cards effectively negated? A: As for Mysterious Chanting and Dance of the Yellow King, the answer is… sort of. Mysterious Chanting simply adds doom to the nearest Cultist, so if the nearest Cultist is handcuffed, then yes, it will do nothing. Dance of the Yellow King is trickier. It reads: “… If you fail, the nearest Lunatic enemy readies, moves (one location at a time) until it reaches your location, engages you, and makes an immediately attack.” Technically, the movement, engagement and attack aspects of this effect are not dependent on the enemy readying. While typically only ready enemies can move, engage, or attack, there is no rule stopping them from doing so while exhausted if an effect explicitly instructs them to. So strange as it may seem, if the nearest Lunatic enemy is handcuffed, it won’t ready, but it will still move to you, engage you, and attack. (Note that this would be different if the effect used the word “then” somewhere in it, for example “readies, then moves…”)

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Sefina Rousseau
  • Q: I have a question concerning Sefina Rousseau and Diana Stanley. Are cards put beneath these investigators by their abilities considered to be in play, or out of play? The question arises because they're physically in an investigator's play area, which suggests they might be in play, but there are a few implications that makes me want to confirm. For example, if they are in play, that implies that a treachery such as Ants! can discard them, which feels strange. Can you confirm if those cards are in play or not? A: These cards are considered out of play. They cannot be affected by anything other than the abilities that refer to them explicitly (like Sefina's action ability, Twilight Blade, etc).
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Mandy Thompson
  • Q: For Mandy Thompson’s , what does it mean to “resolve 1 additional target of the search?” A: Search effects typically instruct you to resolve an effect using the card(s) targeted by the search. For example, if you used an effect to “search the top 3 cards of your deck for a card and draw it,” drawing the searched-for card would be resolving the target of the search. If you used Mandy’s here, you could either search the top 6 cards of your deck for a card and draw it, or search the top 3 cards of your deck for 2 cards and draw them both. (You must decide which before initiating the search.) - FAQ, v.1.6, September 2019
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Patrice Hathaway
  • Q: Does Patrice Hathaway’s card draw during the upkeep phase occur all at once, or one at a time? What happens if I draw a weakness, like Amnesia? A: Anytime you draw one or more cards, the card draw occurs simultaneously unless the effect uses the phrase “one at a time.” Then, once all of the cards have been drawn, you must resolve all Revelation abilities on those cards (in an order of your choosing). - FAQ, v.1.6, September 2019

  • Q: Can Patrice Hathaway’s ability cause her to discard hidden encounter cards from her hand? A: No. Hidden cards cannot be discarded from hand by any means except for those described on the card. - FAQ, v.1.6, September 2019

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