Asset. Weakness


Cost: 0.

Occult Scraps cannot be played using a play action.

While Occult Scraps is in your hand, you get -2 .

While Occult Scraps is in play, you get -1 .

Robert Laskey
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #13.
Occult Scraps

This is an interesting weakness. It punishes you for keeping it out of play and punishes you slightly less for keeping it IN play.

I assume the goal here is to force Dexter to waste his special ability to get it out of his hand and then use his special ability on another asset to discard it from play?

That's a great way to attack his play style. I really like this design.

I agree, the design here is very cool, and also lets him get a bit of value returned in the second turn. If you're willing to use other tricks, you can deal with it even faster - such as putting it in play with Sleight of Hand and immediately using his special ability on it to play another card. "Watch as I make these dangerously incomplete notes disappear!!!" — Death by Chocolate · 433

Just in case anybody else has rules questions...

While Weaknesses are generally not allowed to be discarded from a player's hand, it's perfectly legal to discard a Weakness from play... assuming, of course, that the card doesn't say otherwise. And wouldn't you know it, this is the first Investigator Weakness asset that doesn't explicitly say "This can't leave play because reasons"!

Note that you still need to have an effect that discards it; you can never just remove cards in play because you feel like it. So yes, it works with Drake's ability, but you are also allowed to pitch it to Crypt Chill if you get so lucky.

Yeah, like the Tower, it can serve as an annoying shield with the right encounter stes, but it's not too hard to get rid of with Dexter's ability (unless Yaztaroth is in play, too, in which case, you did that to yourself). One quibble: most weaknesses tell you how to discard them, which is not quite "This can't leave play because reasons." Occult Scraps is kind of unique in that you have to intuit how to get it ff the table rather than spending actions or cards or something to do it. — LivefromBenefitSt · 167
"This can't leave play because reasons" is in reference to the first line of each of the linked cards, which all literally say "this can't leave play while [condition]" — Thatwasademo · 30

I initially thought this weakness was worse than it was, forgetting that I could sacrifice it to Dexter's ability on his next turn, so this really works as a one turn speed bump under normal conditions. Dexter has enough options to take a -1 hit on tests for his abilities for a few actions, either by using other options like cards, testless stuff like moving and playing, or just powering through with various boosts. He's never going to want to see this, but it's hadly the most taxing in the game.

It's paired with a fairly useful signature asset, Showmanship, and it doesn't compete with the "book" signature set, so players can easily chose to use either of both sets of options, with no clear winner.