Item. Weapon. Melee.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Silas Marsh deck only.

: Fight. You get +1 for this attack. If you committed 1 or more skills to this skill test, this attack deals +1 damage. When this skill test ends, you may return Sea Change Harpoon to your hand to return all of your committed skill cards to your hand instead of discarding them.

Robert Laskey
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #14.
Sea Change Harpoon

So at last! The harpoon! Commit yer Resourcefuls, yer Inspiring Presences, anything you can and ponder real hard on if you want em back in exchange for three resources and an action. Probably do. Getting more resourcefuls is like hard drugs. Do it. 100% won't regret it.

ironbrw · 15
What a powerhouse weapon. Silas got a major boost from this. Even without replaying it just to keep your skills, which I don't think you'll do that often, it's basically Machete. — StyxTBeuford · 12879

LiveFromBenefitSt said: If only we could have a Moneybags Silas....

Well this is now the case: bring Bruiser x2 and you're set.

Take a Fire Extinguisher in one hand, Sea Change Harpoon in the other, and on the last attack to kill a monster, commit all your hand if you want to.

This includes:

Quick Thinking to get another action to play the Sea Change Harpoon back using the Bruiser money.


Resourceful x2 so that you can bring back Plucky to stay alive, or Brute Force in case you used it for the previous attacks.

Stunning Blow so that even if you don't finish the enemy this round, you still evade it.

All in all you could use for instance Brute Force during your Actions 1 & 2, and Commit Quick Thinking, Stunning Blow, Resourceful x2, Unrelenting, Overpower, Daring x2 on the last action with taking back your harpoon in your hand. Use the action from Quick Thinking to play the Sea Change Harpoon back.

This combo would result in: using 0 cards, 0 resources, drawing 5 cards, dealing 8 damages and automatically evading the enemy.

All the excessive draw can then be turned into extra for the Brute Force attacks.

And if you want to be sure to not fail the cycle with the , take a Nightmare Bauble with you :)

Valentin1331 · 47441
Brute force modifies BASIC attacks. Not asset attacks. — MrGoldbee · 1369
They're saying you can do Brute Force basic attacks *then* recur them afterwards with multiple copies of resourceful on the Harpoon attack, that then come back to hand themselves in addition. — SSW · 200

A decent weapon if you are committing skills to the Fight test, and, being Silas, why wouldn't you? The extra ability is nice, although, in my experience, Silas runs pretty lean on resources, so getting his committed cards back at the cost of 3 resources (and an action) might be a tough trick to pull off frequently, especially with his other signature asset doing more or less the same thing. If only we could have a Moneybags Silas....

With two pretty good signature assets and a hard but manageable signature weakness, it's up to personal preference whether you want to go with the "box," "book," or both signature sets. Those sailors, they are versatile.

Just wanted to double check that I have this rule correct. For the sea change harpoon you do an extra damage if you commit a skill card to it. If you commit a skill card and then use his ability to pull the card back, you still do the extra damage correct (as long as you succeed on the skill check without the skill icons on the skill card you pulled back.) The way I see it a card WAS committed to the test, it was just pulled back into my hand before the skill icons or any abilities of the skill card took effect. — Kickface · 13
We thought it played this way as well where even if you pull the card back, it's still committed. Any official answer? I can't find one myself — coreyjson · 1
I think that's correct - commit cards is a step 2 of skill test - so you've committed card, reveal chaos token is step 3 and Silas' ability works after you reveal a chaos token - so also after committed a card. — Joannes · 1

In my Silas deck, this was usually a back up weapon. But then I realized the power of using this with Opportunist(2). That way, this becomes a pretty nice alternative to machete. The same technique can power your net. There aren’t a lot of great weapons in survivor if you can’t get chainsaw going for you consistently, this will do you well.

MrGoldbee · 1369
Better than Opportunist (2) (that you should get back after the test, there is Quick thinking, expecially if you don't us the taboo list: commit, succed, get an action, get it back in hand, commit again, gain an action again. — AlexP · 243
How exactly are you getting Quick Thinking back in hand? If you are using Silas ability then you won't get the extra action benefit. If you are using the Harpoon ability, then you'll need to spend an action to play it again, which render the action gain from Quick Thinking meaningless, plus you even need to pay 3 resources. — Killbray · 8363

I’ll take an alternate view. This weapon and the accompanying net are just too complicated, expensive and action-intensive for the simple way I play Silas. Much prefer him with the costly but no fuss Timeworn Brand and cards that recur skills like Resourceful and True Survivor. Sure it’s more xp but Silas can run well with little Xp. Just Meat Cleaver and Sylvestre with Track Shoes, and maybe a couple copies of Brute Force, until you can afford the time-tested Brand.

Krysmopompas · 344
Something to consider - if you don't bother using the bounce ability, just leave this in play and focus on ensuring you always have skills to commit with those cards you mentioned - it's a cheaper Brand that you paid no exp for. — SSW · 200
Yes, this comparison does not make sense, imho. I would rather put the XP in some Chainsaws. If you get the Harpoon out before them, you can return it to your hand instead of discarding, once you want to play the chainsaw, together with all skills committed. Then, you can either replay the harpoon, once the chainsaw runs out of gas, or commit it for it's good icons! — Susumu · 315
To put it in more general words: If you plan to bounce back your harpoon all the times to get back the skills, then play it again, that's of course bad (played). But if you just plan on using it at most once per game, when you want to free up the hand slot for something else, then why not use the bounce back, to regain some cards (INCLUDING the harpoon)? It's just gravy. On top of that, the ability, that makes TB more flashy than a Machete is also a "once per game" thing. So, compared to the Harpoon it is severly overcosted, imho. The condition for the extra damage, to commit at least one skill, is something, Silas will always want to do anyway. +2 instead of +1 might be nice in cases, when he does not need to commit for the extra damage, but I don't think, that's enough. With just 4 base combat stat, Silas likely wants to commit most of the time at least a card even then. — Susumu · 315
If you commit quick thinking and then bounce the harpoon in your hand with the commited skills, you haven't lost an action. And for the resource cost you have Drawing thin + Take heart. — AlexP · 243
These still enable at most twice a game to recoup the expenses. And incents you to build your deck in a weird oversucceed AND fail style. Possible on paper, but I'm not sold on it. — Susumu · 315

So, if I read this correctly this card does not interact with non-skill cards committed to the test. Makes you think how many skill cards you need to run in a Silas deck to reliably hit for 2 with this.

Since Silas's own ability also doesn't interact with non-skill cards you probably want a lot of skills in your deck. — Yenreb · 15
The answer is no more than usual. Silas runs well with lots of skills since he’s otherwise just a core survivor. I see Silas decks with 16-20 skills regularly. — StyxTBeuford · 12879
No more than usual for book Silas vs core Silas, I mean. — StyxTBeuford · 12879